Picking a college is one of the most stressful, yet extremely important at the same time. Not only are you picking your future, but you are also picking a big part of who you will be in the real world. That is why it is important to do research on which school you pick, and hopefully that enables you to make the right decision. If WVU is on your list, then here are 8 reasons to pick West Virginia University over any other college.

1. The Genuine People

As a freshman you meet tons of new very cool and intelligent people at West Virginia because the people in Morgantown are a lot more relaxed. They always like to talk about their interests and goals, but unlike most people in the outside world people at WVU have a genuine ear and listen very well. The overall feeling on campus is very welcoming and safe. Everybody is smiling and being themselves and it is unmatched by any other college I have heard about.IMG_2383

2. The Diversity of Majors

Most people who go into college have a good idea of what they want to study, but a lot of people do no and want to diversify their classes. Go take a look at all the different fields of study because there are a lot, as well as lots of dual major options and special majors that involve multiple topics. IMG_2384

3. Things to do

Something you will realize as a first-semester college student is that you actually have a lot of free time and what you do with it will determine your success. Obviously a lot of your time is going to go to schoolwork, but when you aren’t doing schoolwork there is so many activities to do. From intramural sports to Greek life there is always stuff to be done, even if you aren’t really social, doing these clubs and stuff in your free time really puts your name into the community. IMG_2385

4. The Professors

The performance of students in college relies on the effort of the student completely, but the professor of the course is the ultimate determiner of pass or fail. This could be a scary concept if you have inexperienced introverted professors, but every single professor here are great teachers and give students the supplies to be successful. They are passionate and have a better understanding of the topic than anyone else in the field.IMG_2386

5. Mountaineer Sporting Events

From weekly Football games in the fall semester, to lots of basketball games in the spring semester, there is always sporting games to go watch. Our football team, lead by Will Grier, is ranked and very fun to watch play. Game days are always the best because it is an all day activity of hanging with friends all day. Some of the greatest memories of college can be made at these sporting events, especially when the mountaineers win because then we all burn a couch!IMG_2387

In summary, most will overlook colleges like WVU because of previous reputations but   this college is a real community of genuine people. The feeling of love you get from everybody here can be compared to that of on big happy family. West Virginia University is one of the well rounded universities out there and thats what makes WVU superior to all other colleges.


Thomas Decoste

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