Here are some tips on how to prepare and study for your midterms this semester!

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Talk with your Prof

It is always good to have a conversation with the prof going into a midterm you can be verbal about where you are and how you are feeling with the course. This is an excellent tie to ask them to go over anything that you may not understand before you start studying. They are there as a utensil to help you further understand and answer any questions you may have, so take your prof to your advantage!

Compile you content

This is crucial when studying for a midterm.  Make sure you find and compile all the necessary and extra material covered in which you were told to study by your professor as well as what you were not told (because we all know that professors like to tell us to study material and then they put different material on the midterm than what we thought would be)  therefore, it is better to be prepared for the unknown. So make sure all you’re in class notes and readings are ready to be even more critically analyzed for your studying ahead!

Get your cue cards ready

It is always a good idea to jot the most important things down whether you think they will be all on the test or not. This way you know you are not missing anything. Cue cards are a great way to not only keep organized notes, but also a great study tactic to help you memorize the content you need to know for your upcoming midterm. It is even more helpful sometimes to do it with a friend who can ask you these questions that way you are studying both mentally and verbally.

Quiet spaces

When getting ready for any test or midterm you should always find your safe spot where you know you can be in the zone when you are studying hard for what ever class your midterm may be in. This space could be anywhere comfortable with low amounts of distraction. Whether you like the library, an empty class room, the atrium on campus or even your own bedroom. Find the place where you know you will get the most out of your study time.

Take your time

Don’t try to cram all of your studying in the day before your midterm or all on the same day. Space it out over the week before hand to not only rest your brain, but to give you the ability to go back and re read what you may not fully understand. Give yourself the ability to go over all the material step by step to ensure that you get the best grade turn out.

Don’t over think

Over thinking a midterm or test can mess with someone going into it. Before your test relax and don’t think of anything else. Get up get ready and go take that test. If you over analyse it or keep re reading your notes you will more than likely psych yourself out before walking into it. Breath, do your daily routine and you will be fine, you got this!

Go with your gut

Okay, you took the time to study and look things over and you have all the answers in your head. You look down at the page and blank or second guess your answer. Well don’t! Go with your gut feeling especially if you know in your mind that you have gone over that hard question before. Most of the time your gut will be right, so don’t sweat it.

After your midterm

Take a deep breath of relief and walk out of the room confident. Don’t stress out about the answers you wrote or chose to put down because it’s over and they can’t be changed. Stay focussed on the rest of your day ahead of you and keep taking like one step at a time, eventually you will always get to where you need to go as long as you keep being hopeful and keep looking forward.





Kristen Hack

I am a 3rd year Arts student currently attending Wilfrid Laurier University. I enjoy writing, it is a passion I have had since a young age and I hope to continue to do it in the future as it is a means of expression and opinion. A bit about me, I am also very artistic but love my sports as well. My writing will consist of many different topics and genres around WLU and University life in general, so be prepared for some interesting reads! Buzzfeed is my future goal!

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