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Are you a current or future Golden Hawk looking for some insight into the English Program at WLU? If so, take a look at some of these courses and see if they are for you!

EN111 –Literature and Crime

This is for you if you love reading and discussing topics of crime and criminality. A variety of literary genres such as: fiction novels and plays will be used to introduce these topics to you the students. Themes surrounding this topic will include that of justice, violence, true crime, and others to help you discover knowledge deeper into these views of criminal intent through literary works!

EN165 – Enriched Literary Studies

This is a course based on elements of literature and the analysis of genres such as poetry, drama and fiction. It will introduce students to the use of cultural and historical concepts in these contexts. The students will be equipped in their future classes in the English Program after learning these tools.

EN200 – Pleasures of Poetry

Do you love reading and writing poetry? Than this is the course for you. By studying a wide range of poetic styles and influences on certain genres, you will be able to discover ways in which poetry challenge language and means of perspective. As the course description says, “This course encourages students to come to a greater appreciation of the pleasures and rewards of reading poetry.” This class is a great introduction into the world of poetry for any student!

EN238 – Tolkien and Fantasy

Are you into Lord of the Rings? And are intrigued by the imaginary worlds written by Tolkien, Rowling and Lewis? If so, this course is for you! Laurier Description: “Tolkien and Fantasy An intensive exploration of the major fictional works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The works of other writers of fantasy, such as J.K. Rowling and C.S. Lewis, may also be considered.”

EN245 – British Literary Tradition I

Laurier Description: “British Literary Tradition I Introduces students to some of the significant literary works and the principal historical periods of British Literature, dating from the eighth century to 1660. Students learn to situate literary works within their historical contexts and to trace patterns of influence and ideas that link certain literary works across the various periods. The course also introduces students to some of the important forms of literature, e.g., epic, lyric, tragedy. Possible authors for study include Chaucer, Spenser Shakespeare, Donne, and Milton.” This tied with class EN246 are mandatory courses needed to receive your degree so they are definitely worth getting into!

EN246 – British Literary Tradition II

Laurier Description: “British Literary Tradition II The course introduces students to some of the significant literary works and the principal historical periods of British Literature from 1660 to the early 20th century. Students will learn to situate literary works within their historical contexts and to trace patterns of influence and ideas that link certain literary works across the various periods. Authors studied may include Pope, Blake, Wordsworth, Tennyson, Browning, Yeats, Dickens, Woolf, Eliot, and Joyce.” This is the tied class to EN245 to help finish the material you began covering in the section A. It is a mandatory class to complete your degree so make sure you get these two courses in your timetable!


EN344- 18th-Century Fiction: Sex, Shopping and Scandal

Novels became more popular and practiced in the 18th century. This class will be an introduction to students who want to learn more about this genre of writing. By visiting topics such as such as sex, scandal, crime, and shopping, you will learn how it revolutionized writing novels for generations to come.

EN371- Creative Writing Short Story

This class will include exactly what it sounds like. This class will explore on how to not only write your own short stories but also how to read them. By learning about elements like Structure, plot, diction and characterization you will be a writer in no time!

EN430- Studies of an Individual Author

This is an interesting class to take in your final year as an English major as it is the divulging pieces of importance of an author. This may include indulging into their career development, and what has affected their writing.

EN450  Texts and Contexts, (Staging Politics)

This is a 4th year English Seminar based on ways in which literary texts develop from, or respond to, particular literary, cultural, aesthetic, political, historical and/or social contexts. “It was probably my favourite class of all time.” Says past English student, Sam Hutchinson! It is recommended for anyone looking to take their English degree to be challenged and other level of interest.

All in all, whether an English major or not, these course are jam-packed full of intriguing stories, and writing fundamentals for future writers, editors, and teachers to come! For more English courses, click the link below!

Until next time, that’s All Kaps!

-Kristen Hack


Kristen Hack

I am a 3rd year Arts student currently attending Wilfrid Laurier University. I enjoy writing, it is a passion I have had since a young age and I hope to continue to do it in the future as it is a means of expression and opinion. A bit about me, I am also very artistic but love my sports as well. My writing will consist of many different topics and genres around WLU and University life in general, so be prepared for some interesting reads! Buzzfeed is my future goal!

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