Wilfrid Laurier University orientation week

Wilfrid Laurier University offers quite a few courses in which some students would say are ‘easier’ than most. In that case, if you are a student looking for what a Laurier student would call a ‘bird course’ to fill in your timetable, check out this list outing 10 of the easiest courses at Wilfrid Laurier University.

1. WS100 – Introduction to Woman and Gender Studies

Yes, it is exactly how the title is stated; this course will guide you through the generalized information to do with woman and gender. Although this course focusses on the female feminist thought, theories and activism, there are still aspects which focus towards a male perspective as well (depending on the professor you end up with). This course is marked mainly on participation, group projects and a research essay on a topic of your choice.

2. ES101 – Introduction to Environmental Studies

While highlighting on natural resources and environmental conditions, this course focusses on topics similarly to grade 11- 12 high school environmental courses. Topics include: sustainability, economic and ecological systems and ethics and worldviews on environmental issues. By directing towards both Canadian and international views, not only is it an interesting course but it is also hands on with easy done labs both done individually and within groups. You will have simple quizzes done during the semester where minimal memorization can go a long way. Also, your midterm and final exam are multiple choice, fill in the blank and true or false based. Although this sometimes can make test more difficult for some, the context learned over the course of the semester flows well to the point where the information you take in comes first hand to you. This course can not only impact you on an environmental level, but can also impact your GPA in a positive way.  

3. EN165 – Enriched Literary Studies

This course was the first English course I took coming to Laurier University. My expectations were high after hearing all the nonsense of how university’s difficult and how professors are not there to help you. After taking this course all of these lies I had been fed I now viewed as the total opposite. Not only was this course like walking back into a grade 10 English class, but the course evaluations were like review of what we had already learned (or at least should have) before coming into University in the first place. With no end of term exam in the regular exam period, easy essays which our professor was there to help us write and to the class group presentations we had to put together, not only did these evaluations give out easy marks, but it was actually somewhat enjoyable compared to few English courses offered at WLU.

4. DH200 – Digital Narratives

With no technological expertise required, this course sets a base for students to explore methods through the use of different digital media’s to understand and identify date, time and place. Not only does this course offer hands- on experience with apps and software’s within the classroom, but it also gives students the advantage to come up with their own digital media projects throughout the semester.  This course will not only give you some technological experience, but will also be fun in the process giving you leeway to use your own ideas and creative skills. Definitely a course I would take to fill up my timetable!

5. GC101  – Introduction to the study of Christianity and Global Citizenship

With no outclass exam, and evaluations based surely on assignments; this course is not only easy but is very opinion based. This course emphasizes on both individual and collaborate learning while focussing on areas of the academic study of Christianity such as biblical studies. Throughout your journey in this course you will have journal entries you have to write based on multiple readings given, but other than that the intensity and weight of this course is practically buoyant. Even if you do not follow Christianity it is a great course to ease up your timetable for the semester, plus there is a part 2 to this course so you are set for both semesters!

6. PP219 – Feminist Philosophy

This course does not necessarily take on a traditional feel of a philosophy class. PP219 takes similar concepts from WS courses within WLU, and puts a philosophical view within them that focusses towards important debates within feminism. It is more of an introduction to multiple feminist theories and concepts. This makes it easier to put your own perspective into your exegesis pieces which are small personal thought writing pieces which are staggered throughout the semester. With the easy writing assignments mixed with a simple in class midterm and 3 part multiple choice exam this is not only a course to bump up your GPA, but will also make you look deeper into the true meanings of feminism.

7. YC100 – Studying Youth and Children: An Introduction

With only few simple assignments, a midterm and final, the course offers students an interdisciplinary intro to children and youth studies. With easy concepts and material to understand it is a very straight forward class and is a core class that provides the base for anyone looking to move forward in children and youth studies.

8. AS101 – Introduction to Astronomy

This course has been known to be fairly easy to those who have taken physics and chemistry in high school as well as for those who have not taken any at all. The structure of this course is easy to manage and maintain while studying and preparing for assignments and tests. Speaking of those, not only do the online assignments have an ample amount of bonus marks; your midterm and final exam consist of multiple choice questions which only take’s easily memorization to get superlative marks in this course!   

9. UU150 – Foundation for Community Engagement and Service

This course provides student with the ability to learn key concepts surrounding effective community engagement and services. By underlining real-world topics such as community service learning, career skills, academic integrity and professionalism, you will be able to take what you learn in this course and put it to good use in your future career and everyday life. Not only is this course nice and light, but it offers some interesting info to further your educational opportunities at hand!

10. SP101 – Intro to Spanish I & Intro to Spanish II

Some people say that learning a second language is one of the hardest things to do. When it comes to our second language here in Canada than yes I would agree seeing as French is one of the most difficult languages to learn; but Spanish on the other hand can not only be fun and exhilarating, it is also much easier to speak and understand. With this two part course you will learn the system of the language including basic grammar, vocabulary, as well as oral and written practice. The course offered at WLU is meant for students with little to no experience with Spanish at all so don’t worry if this is just you wanting to learn a new language or to just fill up your timetable. Either way, it is a great recommendation for anyone trying to move forward with a second language.


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