Laurier’s Waterloo campus is an excellent provider of study spaces for its academic students. Whether studying on your own or with a group, multiple places on campus are there to situate you in your every-day studying needs and habits! This campus may be small, but the community is grand and when it comes to a prospering Golden Hawk, it is never a dull moment taking the study opportunities this school gives you at hand. Not only are multiple buildings and sections within the school grounds open to your personal use, but some are also 24- hour run. If you are a student who lives in proximity or a student who takes an hour bus ride to and from Laurier every day, these hours give students the opportunity to be able to stay on campus and finish that assignment, or that essay or even that group project. With just the right amount of coffee at hand, Laurier is there for every all-nighter Golden Hawk!

24 Hours and Counting

Buildings that offer 24- hour studying are where you will see most students who are keen on finishing personal and last minute material for classes. These spaces are what give them that quietness they are looking for to help them focus. At the Laurier Library, you are able to book out group study rooms as well as work on your own at the desks and nooks available; comfortably knowing that you will not be disturbed. Most Laurier students get told during their first year tour that the Library gets quieter the higher you go. Each level you go up the more concentration you will be able to have to finish off your work. The Concourse is also a great place to go if you are looking to be on campus for most of your night. Even though Starbucks may close earlier than we all want it to, it is a comfortable space when working late nights on group projects with unlimited computer outlets at every table.

Cannot Forget

The 24-hr, lounge in the Fred Nichols building is also there for all of your overnight studying needs, with high speed Mac computers and ample of spaces to sit comfortably whether alone or in groups, it has a nice atmosphere if you are looking for somewhere more mellow to learn! You are also able to book out group rooms sound free, with or without TV hook-ups to practice for speeches, presentations and more. Finally, the Solarium is a unique study space located right in the middle of the concourse and the Wellness centre. It inevitably connects the two buildings together with its large beautiful floor to ceiling windows letting in tons of natural light during the day and a mystical sight at night. As a bonus, this study area has one of the most comfortable seating arrangements, but I would not recommend you to bring a group presentation into this room. Make sure you stay quiet because this room is for serious studiers!

Study, Study, Study

Now, if you are a student who is looking for a nice space on campus throughout the day. Whether you have a gap In between courses, your class got let out early or even if you have finished your day and are just looking to stay a little while longer (I mean who doesn’t like being around their fellow Golden Hawks?)  The following academic buildings: Bricker, Schlegal/ Peters, and the DAWB, are open until midnight every night of the week for you to explore and find an open room you may find nice for your personal studying. You are also able to rent out rooms for events you may be looking to have on campus which is great if you are looking to use a room with a projector! The science building has one of the nicest spaces for you to study, chat or just get together with friends. Not only is it open with gorgeous high ceilings, but Tim Hortons is there open during the week to serve your coffee or tea needs! Plus, for those students who say their lives revolve around studying- who needs to go outside for oxygen, when you can get some right in the building while studying under tall green trees throughout all seasons? It truly is a lovely sight to see walking into a building. Nature is also known to be calming, so if you have a test coming up I would definitely recommend trying this study space out.

Eat, Study and be Merry!

You also want to check out the Dining Hall especially if you are a first year! Not only is it like having unlimited food access, but it is also great to go for a meal and be able to finish that assignment at the same time! Outside of the DH (dining hall, there is also a small corridor space full of tables for unlimited use. They run out fast! But this space is great to bring food from home, with a complimentary microwave and vending machines in case you get snackish. During the warmer months, the Quad is a relaxing place to sit and work. Right outside of DH, it is a large grassy area with stone seating arranged. You may even see people playing Frisbee and snack outside here too, but it is definitely a spot to try out at least once to see if it is for you.


I hope my fellow Golden Hawk’s find use in this material to help in uncovering their new favourite study spot! Of course there are plenty more I could name but overall, these places as mentioned are sure to make you feel comfortable, happy, focussed and welcomed at our amazing accommodative University!

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