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If you ever walk around the campus at WLU, you will for sure hear some of these phrases. Here are 10 Things Students Say at WLU!

1. “It’s great, to be, a Laurier Golden Hawk!”

This is the first thing that every Golden Hawk learns to say. Every student that goes through orientation week in their first year as a Laurier student learns this chant that will carry with them throughout the rest of their years at WLU.

2. “What res are you in?” (First Years)

As a first year, getting to know the people around you, In your classes, in your graduating year, etc… A very popular question you will always get asked is what residence you reside in. This helps first year students find mutual friends, and get to know people in other residence buildings other than their own.

3. “I may as well just live in the library…”

Some students enjoy studying in their homes or dorm rooms but many students prefer going to the peace and quiet of the WLU library to study. Some students can be found there so-often as regulars that they eventually tell people they may as well be living there because of the long hours full of sleepless nights and coffee runs hiding at the very back desk on the 7th floor alone practicing nonstop for that midterm creeping up around the corner!

4. “Sorry I can’t go out I have a midterm on Saturday.”

Unlike high school where your week is filled with school, and your weekends are filled with relaxation…Laurier is far too well known for its business students to have midterms and serious tests on weekends known to be days where students SHOULD have off to relax – especially with our crazy schedules. But low and behold, around midterm and exam season, business students are forced out of weekend fun with their friends to study for these (in my eyes) wrongly scheduled tests!

5. “I hated BU111”

After students take this course; whether they survive it or not, you will forever hear their stories of group torture, late nights and difficult testing. Not only is BU111 known for being one of the most difficult courses at this school, but every new year, you will always hear something about this course being said by the new generation of business students at WLU.

6. “You down for Phil’s?”

Every WLU student knows about the forever standing night- club directly across the street from campus called Phil’s. Not only is it the most popular club known by students, but it is also always a good time, and there will never be a weekend where you are not asked by at least one of your friends if you are going, or want to go to Phil’s with them for yet another good time!

7. “Our purple is better than yours!”

This significant line upheld by our school derives from our arch- nemesis (Western University). As most people know, both UWO and WLU share purple as a mutual colour representing their schools, but due to past football rivalry, “Our purple is better than yours,” can be heard during homecoming, general football games vs. UWO as well as any time Laurier is ever compared to Western in any type of conversation.

8. “I have to go all the way to Bricker for my next class…”

As an art’s student, this specific line has even been said by me. You may hear your friends at WLU say things like this when their class schedules cause for most of their classes to be held in one or two buildings either connected or in close proximity, to then have one class somewhere in your timetable which makes you walk all the way from one side of campus to the other. In this case, the most significant is going from Arts to Bricker.

9. “Want to get Starbucks?”

Every WLU student knows the right start or end to a day is a visit to the nearest Starbucks (Usually the one found in the concourse). Whether waiting for a friend to get out of class, or just thirsty for your next Grande café mocha, Starbucks is a place always talked about on or off campus and always a place you can find WLU students studying and filling up on more coffee than anyone our age really needs.

10. “Do you have notes from class today?”

I don’t think that this is only for Laurier, but is a universal student question asked everywhere. It is nice to know when and if you miss a class, that you have friends or someone that you talk to that has your back when you either accidentally sleep- in, skip or are too sick as a dog to come into class yourself. We all know that in University, you can’t get by without doing your work and keeping up with your readings.  By having people to send you notes from the classes you have missed, it gives you the ability to keep up with everything that you miss and still get the grades you need. Just remember when it comes to someone else needing notes from you to help a friend out, good karma is the best karma.

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