Showing appreciation to the big things and little things around them without taking them for granted not only invokes happiness in ourselves, but makes us realize how lucky we are to have these things in our lives. Being a University student, there are many things which we should show our appreciation for; take a look at just a few of the things that WLU students should be thankful for at Laurier!

1. System of Support

Not only is Laurier set on supporting all of their students when it comes to their academics and achievements, but the services offered and available to those for mental/ physical health and support is immaculate and one of the most thriving things I have seen throughout the school. It has not only affected the community in a great way but has also affected the students; and because of this, Laurier has become one of the most welcoming Universities with the most open hearted diverse group of people.

2. Employment and Opportunity

Not only does Laurier have one of the largest offering Co-op programs in Canada, but the integration of hands on and academic experience has led to student excellence at our school and as of last year, 97% of graduates went directly into secured employment or went to further their education. As for the opportunities offered, everyone is aware that Laurier has over 20 countries offering exchange programs with the school which can not only give excellent experience for a student’s resume, but also the opportunity to travel right at your fingertips.

3. Life Long Relationships

Not only should we appreciate the connections we make for our futures through Laurier, but also the people. University is a time to find who we are and start the beginning of our lives. It is also the place where we find those who will be in our lives for a long time. Whether romantic or the purest of friendships, these are the people we will carry with us and be there for us always; these are people who you must appreciate.

4. How close everything is!

All over the Canada, there are plenty of Universities we could think of that are almost as big as the cities and towns in which we come from. On the other hand, Laurier is one of those Universities which everyone knows is one of the smallest Universities we have. Not only must we appreciate the communal feeling that WLU gives us just by being able to walk around campus and know most faces, but it also makes everything around us much easier to get to. Whether that is food, fun, friends or even help! Having all of these things within easy reach keeps us more calm and confident in any situation.

5. Your Professors

Not only does Laurier have one of the most inspiring staff but they are some of the kindest and helpful people there to guide you through your classes and your futures. There is not one professor who isn’t interested in seeing every one of us succeed, and that creates one of the most memorable relationships between us and these professors; just to know that they all want to be there for us and can be as understanding about us as being individuals as they possibly can. Showing our professors appreciation is something I believe they deserve as those who are here to teach us as the next generation for our future careers and lives!


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