Math 4

Most science majors at York University require mathematics, and MATH1013 is one of the required courses to take (or you could take its alternative MATH1300). MATH1013 is calculus 1 and it’s the first calculus course you take before MATH1014 or MATH1310. These are 5 tips to help you pass MATH1013.

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1. Do the exercises

The professor will regularly post exercises online for students to attempt in their free time. The exercises are given to help prepare you for the next class. Doing the exercises will help you know where you stand in that topic and if you are unable to understand, you can meet the lecturer during office hours or after class for some help.

2. Attend math labs

Most people still have trouble in math, and are unable to get their professor to help with everything because they just don’t have the time. The math lab at York is a resource that provides students with tutorial help for almost all first and second year math courses. It would definitely be a good plan to make time to go to math labs if you need extra help, especially for concepts that you were unable to understand in lecture.

3. Request peer mentorship

Some people are unable to understand their professor during lectures or still have some difficulty in certain aspects of the course topics.  So, another option would be to get a peer mentor. Getting help from a student in a higher year is helpful, since a mentor is also a student and they can relate to your difficulty. Plus, they probably figured out a simpler way to explain math concepts that you don’t quite understand yet.

4. Talk to your professor

Before thinking of getting peer mentorship or going to the math lab, the simplest solution would be to talk to your professor first. Some professors have to leave early due to other obligations. Usually, they will have a set block of time for office hours. During these office hours you can go talk to the professor about whatever problem you are having, and ask for help. If this still feels inadequate, you can then consider peer mentorship and visiting the math lab.

5. Practice regularly

In mathematics, constant practice of multiple problems is what helps you to improve. The professor already provides a list of exercises to practice for the next class ,so practicing them and even expanding your reach will make maths easier for you.

Essentially, mathematics is all about practice. As long as you continue to practice regularly, acing whatever math course you have to take will be easy. If you feel like you still have difficulties with MATH1013, you can use any or all of these tips to get rid of any issues holding you back from your desired grade.


Adeolu Paul-Taiwo

First Year computer science student, love games, movies, anime, music and drawing

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