AP/ESL1000 is a course that fits into the General Education courses that can count as credits towards graduation. It is also known as HUMA1220 and it is one of the required ESL courses for international students who’s first language is not English. These are 5 things to expect from the course:

1. Attendance

In AP/ESL1000 you will be required to attend every class because attendance is taken and you are given a grade for it. While you are given a grade for attendance, that is not the only factor that is considered to get full marks for attendance

2. Socializing

On the first day of lecture, you will be asked to talk to people and get information about them. It is a great way to break the ice. Most class exercises will be done in groups, so you will get the chance to talk to a number of people in the lecture. This won’t be too difficult because it is a small class.

3. Course Kit

You will be required to buy the course kit for the class. This contains different articles from multiple sources. Most of the assignments, if not all, will require you to use the course kit for its articles. The kit adds new content every year, so it would be best to get the newest available version.

4. Essays

AP/ESL1000 is an English course, so there will evidently be a few essays to write during the semester. Don’t worry, there aren’t too many essays. A few essays are for the assignments. In the final exam, the questions asked will be related to the assignments given and articles discussed during lectures.

5. Academic integrity

For the first few weeks of lecture, the topics discussed will be about academic integrity. You will be given essays and articles about situations related to cheating and citation issues, and you will be required to write some essays showing that you fully understand the consequences of being a victim of academic integrity.

The assignments aren’t too difficult to do if you have the course kit, do your best and take your time to give the required appropriate answers . These are a few things to expect when taking AP/ESL1000 or HUMA1220.

Adeolu Paul-Taiwo

First Year computer science student, love games, movies, anime, music and drawing

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