ADMS1000 is the introduction to administrative studies it is a first year course and is necessary for liberal arts students to take. It is a fairly simple course and these 5 tips will help in making it easier to pass.

1. Talk to your professors

In most universities, it is common for students to have problems understanding what the professor taught during the lecture. To clear up any problems you had in understanding the topic discussed in the lecture it is best to go talk to the professor.

2. Do assignments

Assignments are essential means of grading and getting a good understanding of where u stand in the course you are taking. It is best to do all assignments given by the professor early because it is common to forget and when it becomes a last minute rush the marks that could be attained from doing them early would go to waste.

3. Study regularly

More often than not, the professors for most lectures give the course outline for the courses they will be teaching that semester. Having the course outline gives you a general idea of what topics you will be covering during the semester of year, with the course outline in your possession it would be best to study ahead of the class so that anything taught during the lecture will be easier to understand.

4. Get adequate rest

The most common thing that happens in university is a pile of work and with that work comes stress and anxiety. Although it is good to keep studying in order to ace the courses you are taking, it is also best to get good rest and unwind from all the built up stress from the ton of work that you are buried in.

5. Socialize

It is good to make friends in class or outside of your lecture halls. Having good friends that can help you relax or help you with any difficulties that you may be having either in your classes or with your daily life would help making your university life more tolerable.

While it is an introductory course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it as seriously as you would take any other course by studying hard enough passing will be easy. These are 5 tips to help pass ADMS1000.

Adeolu Paul-Taiwo

First Year computer science student, love games, movies, anime, music and drawing

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