ADMS2400 is one of the courses taken by liberal arts students. Though the class may seem difficult, with the right amount of effort it will be easy to pass. These are 5 tips to help pass the course.

1. Get enough sleep

It is important to sleep on time so you can function properly during the day especially when you have lectures the next day. Though the work load in university is a lot, with proper time management, getting the work done with enough time to sleep can be achieved.

2. Do assignments

Doing all assignments is also an important thing to get done in university because every mark counts. Most people don’t do all the assignments because they carry very little marks or there is so much time to do it that they eventually forgot about it. It is important to do assignments quickly after getting them.

3. Talk to your professors

It is very important to talk to someone when you are having difficulty understanding the lectures. The professor is the best person to ask for any difficulty you have regarding his or her class. Most professors have office hours so you can talk to them then if you are uncomfortable talking to them in class.

4. Peer mentoring

Peer mentoring is available for people who have difficulty in their lectures and need help understanding what was taught. As your peers they understand the struggle and difficulty of the information given and can help break it down into a more understandable form.

5. Avoid deadlines

Most assignments, projects and quizzes are given a long amount of time to do before its deadline. It would be wise to finish up any given work before approaching the deadline because work that was rushed won’t be as good as work that was done with enough time to review.


The course requires you to be diligent, hard working and consistent in order to get a passing grade. By following these 5 simple tips you will be able to pass ADMS2400 without any difficulties.

Adeolu Paul-Taiwo

First Year computer science student, love games, movies, anime, music and drawing

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