NATS1570 Exploring The Solar System is a general educational course that is taken for credits at York University. Though the course requires a bit of math and science in it, passing is not difficult because it is a general education course. The math in it won’t go beyond what was taught in high school. These are 5 tips to easily pass the course.

1. Frequent studying

It is good to go to lectures and take notes but it shouldn’t stop there. In order to pass with exceptional grades, you should study on a regular basis. Studying frequently helps in making remembering easier and it gives a better understanding.

2. Doing assignments

There will be assignments in the course so you will be required to do all of them if you want to get good grades at the end of the semester. It would be best to do the assignments right after getting them because procrastination is the thief of time.

3. Attending lectures

Attending lectures is very important because there will be things that are discussed in the lecture hall that won’t be on the slide given to you. There are some cases where attendance is taken when attending class and it has a large effect on the final grade.

4. Seeking help

No man is an island. When you are in a difficult situation and are unable to go forward, it is important so seek help from others. You can ask for help from your peers, professors and TA’s, asking for help doesn’t cost anything and you would be better off.

5. Taking a break

Most of the time, the work load can be overwhelming so it is required to take frequent breaks to relax and be ready for the next work load. Your way of taking a break could be watching movies, hanging out with friends or going to parties as long as it helps you relieve stress.

The workload can sometimes be overwhelming but as long as you don’t overwork yourself and you do all the assignments and tasks given to you passing is guaranteed. These are the 5 tips for passing NATS1570.

Adeolu Paul-Taiwo

First Year computer science student, love games, movies, anime, music and drawing

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