VISA1000 is a first year introductory art course taken by first year art students. The lectures are short but you will be required to attend to get valuable information that will help you in passing the course. Since it is an introductory course, the difficulty isn’t hard and it is easy to pass. These are 5 things to expect from¬† VISA1000.

1. Quizzes

The course requires you to do quizzes that will be occasionally posted online. The questions asked in the quizzes will be on what was discussed in the class before the quizzes were posted online. However, the quizzes will be up for a short amount of time, so you should monitor and do them quickly before time runs out.

2. Textbooks

You will be required to buy a textbook for the course, however it is barely used so buying it is up to you. Since the professor has asked you to get the book, it will probably have information that may be used in the course sometime in the future. If you do not want to buy the textbook, but you need to use it for class, you could visit the library and rent the book.

3. Essays

You will be required to write essays and will require you to do some citation. The name of a program will be given to help with the citations and the name of the software might change each semester. The information on the essay topics will be explained in class or posted online so it is important to go to class and constantly check online for updates.

4. Studying

In order to pass any course, studying is required and it doesn’t exclude this course. You will have access to various sources that you will use for studying in this course like the textbook or the internet. You will be required to study and go through all the information provided for writing your essays.

5. Assignments

The course has one lecture per week, so when you are given an assignment you have more than enough time to complete it. Even though there is a lot of time, it would be best to finish them quickly. The assignments will require you to write an essay and sometimes might ask for research on the course material.

The work in this course is not too difficult, if you attend the lectures and do all assignments, everything will go well and you will pass the course. It is easy to miss the quizzes so make sure to check online frequently so you do not lose any marks that could be gained. These are 5 things to expect from VISA1000.


Adeolu Paul-Taiwo

First Year computer science student, love games, movies, anime, music and drawing