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ARTH1130 is a first year art course based on the History of Art. Unlike typical art courses, you will be required to visit art galleries and write essays. Though you will be asked to go to unfamiliar places it will be a fun experience to see various art works. This is probably very different from what you would expect in an art course.

1. Tutorials

After class, you and your classmates stay for the tutorial, where you review the materials discussed or ask questions about topics that you were unable to fully understand. You can also discuss about assignments and share your individual opinion on topics discussed in class.

2. Textbooks

This course requires a textbook for the semester. In art courses you are usually required to buy art tools like paint brushes, paint, pencils, erasers, etc, but in ARTH1130, you will be required to get textbooks. This art course is focused on history, so the textbook is needed to quickly get study material required to pass the course.

3. Long classes

The classes last quite long, with the lecture lasting up to 3 hours long while the tutorial is 1 hour long. There are no assignments, so you have to go to every classes to get all the marks that will contribute towards your final grade. Though the classes are long, they have important information that will be useful for passing the course.

4. Written analysis

You are required to go to an art gallery to look at artwork. There, you pick a piece that you feel is appropriate to write an analysis about what you observe. It is like writing a detailed essay about what piqued your interest in the gallery. There are multiple things to select from, so your choices are not limited.

5. Boredom

The class is incredibly long and mostly has to do with the discussion of art history. So eventually, after 3 hours of listening, you start to get bored unless you are really interested in the period of history being discussed. Though it is boring you will need to pay attention to important pieces of information that will help towards passing the course.

It is an easy course but it is somewhat boring unless you are a big fan of art history. You will not necessarily require to get interested in history to pass, as long as you do your work diligently you will pass without any problems. After being consistent with your work it will eventually get easier and less stressful to do. These are 5 things to expect in ARTH1130.


Adeolu Paul-Taiwo

First Year computer science student, love games, movies, anime, music and drawing

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