VISA1010 is a mandatory class for those who are majoring in Art. It is a course on the Fundamentals of Art so you will be required to come to class with your own material. You will be creating art in different aspects like sculpting, music and paintings.

1. Mandatory classes

The classes are mandatory to attend and most of the assignment instructions are shown in lecture. After the lecture ends, the tutorial groups will start their activity, so you need to be in class to keep up with what they are discussing. Since the classes are mandatory, it would be best to attend and get all the necessary information to get a good grade.

2. Lots of homework

The assignments are mostly done during the mandatory classes. Since it is a first year course and quite difficult, the professor’s grading is lenient. While the grading is lenient, it is still important to do your best and try as hard as possible to give the appropriate solutions to the questions asked. As long as you do the assignment, passing will be easy.

3. Tutorial groups

When the lecture ends, you and a few of your classmates will be required to stay behind for an hour or more to discuss your individual views on the topics discussed in lecture. You can also ask questions on assignments or anything else that you were unable to understand.

4. Long lecture hours

Since assignments get done during lecture, the lecture hours are incredibly long compared to other courses. Since the lectures take a long time there will be a break period in between some of them if not all. Although the classes last for a long time, it would be best to go early and not miss anything that might affect your final grade.

5. Materials

The course involves working on projects that are 2D, 3D and 4D. You will be required to spend money to get the necessary materials for the 2D aspect of work. The materials and tools that will be used for working on the 3D and 4D projects will be provided during the lecture that they are needed.

This course requires you spend a lot of time working on materials that you haven’t used before and time is very important in art. The lecture hours are long and there are lots of assignments but creating art is fun so it is a course worth taking. These are the 5 things to expect in VISA1010.


Adeolu Paul-Taiwo

First Year computer science student, love games, movies, anime, music and drawing

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