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Filling your general education requirements at York University is a wonderful opportunity to take interesting courses outside your major and expand your knowledge on fascinating topics. Here are 5 great courses that can fill your general education requirements and make the most of your time as a student!

1. MODR 1770: Techniques of Persuasion

This is a full year course that helps students develop the skills of logical reasoning and argumentation that they can apply in academic work and in a wider context. Students will analyze arguments, determine what makes a good or bad argument, identify weaknesses in arguments, and learn how to build arguments that will pass rational scrutiny tests. It is an incredibly interesting course because it specifically focuses on moral issues and will help you develop your critical thinking skills! The broad applicability of this course to other fields of studies makes it an incredibly useful and enjoyable. The collaborative nature of the group projects also allows you an awesome perspective on how arguments relate to group dynamics.


2. NATS 1775: Technology & Civilization

If you love history, this course will be fascinating for you. It looks at the history of technology and civilization from antiquity to present day. What was particularly fascinating about the course was how it explored the way social, political, and economic factors affected the way technology developed over time. It looked at technology through its different relationships with things such as science, religion, culture, gender and how we as a generation shape technology. The lectures and assignments for the course are also very straight-forward and enjoyable, revolving around subjects that naturally peak most people’s curiosity.


3. HUMA 1740: The Roots of Modern Canada

Have you ever wondered about how our Canadian culture, political climate, and landscape of literature and arts came to be? Canadian culture is studied in this course by tracing our relations back to European traditions and experiences. It introduces a number of themes in Canadian history that we deconstruct to describe the origins of what makes Canada so great. If you ever wondered where our strengths and weaknesses as a country came from – from this is an amazing course to take. The course readings are light and interesting and you will leave this course with a heightened understanding of how our country came to be the way it is.


4. NATS 1780: Weather and Climate

If you have an interest in meteorology or simply want to understand our world better, this course is one whose content you will carry with you for years after taking it. You will learn about how the earth’s weather and climate manifests, the history of the earth’s climate, how we, as humans, affect that climate, and much more. The course even features interesting “field” type assignments where you venture to observe the shapes of clouds in the sky and apply the knowledge learned in class to categorize them. The professor is a very fair marker and his lectures are thorough and enjoyable. There are also optional tutorials which provide plenty of opportunities to receive clarification on certain course concepts. There is some math involved in this course, but you don’t need an extensive background in math or science to do well in the course.  You’ll find the assignments straight-forward and incredibly fascinating.

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5. GEOG 1000: The World Today – An Introduction to Geography

This full-year course revolves around exploring parts of the world through their cultural, social, economic, political and environmental features. It is a great course to take as your general education requirement because it gives you context for what you can observe happening around the world and you will leave with a heightened understanding of in what direction the world might be heading politically, ecologically, and socially. It covers such a broad range of topics (race and ethnicity, protest movements, war, AIDS, globalization, and the environment) that the course ends up being a very engaging one.  The professor is also very understanding and open-minded to hearing student thoughts. Anyone who wants to expand their worldly knowledge will find this course to be a great place to start.



Overall, there are a plethora of interesting courses at York University you can fill you General Education requirements with. These are just a few that are sure to not disappoint. It is important to think carefully about how you fill these credit requirements as they can teach you really useful relevant skills and even make you consider new fields you might want to pursue. University is a time for exploration and your general education courses are a great place to start in broadening your knowledge beyond your major!


Sahar J

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