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If you need to spice up your timetable and want to take some courses that are sure to broaden your world view and perspective, the following courses at York University are sure to not disappoint!

1. PSYC 2220: Sensation and Perception

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly your body tastes, smells, sees, hears and ultimately perceives the external world – this course is a fascinating experience. The study of perception in this course includes the study of human physiology, cognition, and psychophysics. You’ll learn about the major sensory systems such as hearing and vision. This course will change your life because in your everyday life you will begin to notice why and how you perceive the world the way you do. You’ll gain a heightened sense of self-awareness, the science behind the sensory systems, and an understanding of how our expectations and prior knowledge affects the way we view our external environment. You’ll also learn some pretty neat tricks for deciphering optical illusions!

2.  KINE 4370: Body As Light: Meditation Practices

Want to meditate in class? Want to take a course that actually teaches you how to relax? With the way the practice of meditation has exploded in popularity over the past few years, this course was far ahead of its time when it was created, teaching you all about the science and benefits of meditation. The course is hands-on, with the instructor leading a meditation session at the beginning of each class. The homework and readings for this course are also incredibly enlightening and enjoyable. One assignment tasked students with participating in a meditation class and interviewing the instructor. The course will also require you to journal your progress with meditation. It will teach you skills and practices that you can carry on and benefit from for years. You will be very self-motivated to do well in this course because you are learning personal development skills in the course – and who doesn’t want that? Personal growth and increased self-awareness is an invaluable gift that students in this course come away with.

3. PSYC 3430: Behaviour In Groups

This course examines human behaviour in a variety of group settings and formations – making it an incredibly enlightening course to take to understand how you fit into the world around you. The topics discussed in this course such as leadership, group development, and performance is knowledge you can apply for the rest of your life – in the workplace, in the classroom, and in any other group setting, you will ever be in. Understanding group dynamics is critical to excelling in so many facets of our lives and this course looks at the concepts through not just an empirical and theoretical lense, but also applied. The course is incredibly engaging in its feature of having students work with the material experientially through participating in group work. During the course’s second lecture, students are divided into groups and tasked with coming up with a team name, slogan, and team rules. The last thirty minutes of every lecture is dedicated to group work – the professor assigns a fun task and groups work to complete it.  You will learn a lot about your personal leadership style, how others interact and collaborate, and gain a heightened understanding of human interpersonal behaviour. You will never approach group work the same again!

4. MODR 1770: Techniques of Persuasion

After taking this course, you will never look at arguments the same again. If you want to gain the skills to identify, analyze, and evaluate verbal and written arguments, learn how to present effective arguments, and improve your critical thinking skills – this is the course to take. There are so many parts that go into effective argumentation and persuasion. This course breaks these concepts down in a way that is easy to understand and apply in all facets of your life! The skills you learn in this course will improve your overall communication skills going forward and you will complete the course with confidence to debate effectively.

Each of these courses offers a unique set of skills and knowledge that you can use in a wide variety of settings for years to come even after you graduate. They will provoke you to think critically about the world around you, give you opportunities to apply the knowledge in the real world, and leave you feeling grateful to have experienced a semester diving into such rich topics. If you want a new, exciting experience amidst your cramped schedule, these courses will deliver!


Sahar J

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