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With the large variety of awesome practicum courses to take as a Kinesiology student at York University, it can be hard to narrow down your choices and know which to take advantage of! The following are a few amazing choices that you should consider when deciding which to enrol in.

1.PKIN 0570: Ballroom Dance

The ballroom dance practicum course is a great one for kinesiology students to try. You will be taught variations of dances like the Swing, Tango, Rumba, Samba Mambo, Bossa, and even Salsa! This class is incredibly fun, allows you to develop your confidence on the dance floor in a safe and welcoming environment, and you leave with fascinating learnings around the history of each dance. The instructor even allows students to invite friends to watch final performances and the course is an amazing opportunity to improve your performance skills!


2.PKIN 0403: Restorative Pilates

This course allows students to understand the wide-ranging benefits of practicing pilates for all kinds of populations and how it can be used to prevent injuries. Not only will you learn how to properly execute pilates movements, but you will also develop a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy behind the movements. A powerful took for rehabilitation, you are sure to carry the practices on past your time in the course. Many students even find their back pain disappears after a semester of the course!


3.PKIN 0392: Games Through the Ages

Games Through the Ages is a kinesiology practicum course offered at York University where students will engage in and learn about the history of games. It’s the perfect break between your busy study days to hit the gym and run around like a little kid again with your fellow classmates. The variety of games you’ll learn about and play in this course makes each class exciting and unique. The instructor, Deb, is a sweetheart and knows how to make sure everyone has a great time. Her assignments are also super fun – you’ll have the opportunity to make up a game and actually lead the class in playing it. (Added bonus for all you Harry Potter fans: You’ll play “Quidditch” in this course!)


4.PKIN 0460: Strength Training

The strength training practicum teaches students the crucial concepts and executions of maximum strength training, endurance training, circuit training, and power training. You will leave the course with a heightened understanding of how your body moves. Kinesiology students who want to develop the confidence and gain the knowledge to take control of their fitness will find this course extremely helpful. You will even be able to teach the insights you gain to your friends and family to help them improve their methods of building strength.


The practicum course requirements at York University can be a great opportunity for kinesiology students to understand their bodies better, develop confidence in a new physical skill, and – of course – get that much needed destress between classes. Some of your closest friends and valuable skills will be formed in these classes so don’t miss out on filling the requirements with a subject matter you are interested in. The above-mentioned courses are great options that are not only enjoyable but also incredibly informative. Be sure to check out the Health Science and Kinesiology program website for the full list of available practicum courses!


Sahar J

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