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KINE 3030: Biomechanics of Human Movement is a notoriously difficult course in the Health Science and Kinesiology program at York University. The exams are known to be difficult if not properly prepared for and many students end up taking the course twice. Do not fret though, here are six tips from former students of the course to ensure you succeed in it your first time around.

1.Go to class and do the readings!

This one might seem like a no-brainer but too often students opt out of going to class during this course because the lectures are posted online. The online lectures should be regarded as a valuable resource for review rather than an excuse to sleep in and miss being present in the lecture hall. The professor often will go over harder questions and answer any questions about the material at the end of class and these will not be posted online. Make sure you’re there to see this!

Furthermore, if you don’t come to class having prepared beforehand by doing the readings, the material can feel incredibly overwhelming. Make it a point to do the readings and even attempt some practise problems on your own in advance before lectures. It will make a world of difference.


2. Review notes regularly!

Create a schedule to review your previous notes for the course regularly. This course builds on itself and if you aren’t confident with the previous units, you are sure to struggle with the upcoming ones. Keep your notes organized and highlight areas that you find difficult so you can schedule them into your review sessions more frequently.

3. Do the homework  AND the extra practice assignments!

If there is a concept or question you don’t fully understand, highlight it and be sure to ask for clarification. The last thing you want is to get to the final exam with gaps in your knowledge and without having cleared up any misconceptions about the material.


4.Go to the Labs and complete lab assignments!

The labs in this course can not only be an incredible resource for reviewing and comprehending course concepts but also, cover some material exclusively in them that could be on the final exam. Not everything you cover in labs will also be covered in class, so make sure you complete lab assignments diligently and review before the final. The labs are also a great place to trade notes and review hard concepts with fellow students as well!


5. Attend the PASS SESSIONS!

The colleges offer peer tutoring sessions for notoriously difficult courses like KINE 3030. Go to these sessions if you want to excel in the course! You will have opportunities to clarify concepts, ask your questions, get past tricky problem sets, swap notes with others, and even make some great friends. PASS leaders are usually students who have previously excelled in the course, so they offer great support and guidance.


6. Form a Study Group!

Studying alone can be tedious and forming a study group can be a fun and productive way to ensure you excel in KINE 3030. There are lots of group work rooms and areas on the second floor of Scott Library at York University that you can use for this. Book a room weekly and get together with classmates to discuss topics and review. Explaining the concepts to your fellow students is a great way to ensure you have the material locked down.


Although KINE 3030: Biomechanics of Human Movement is known to be a challenging course, it only takes a few simple precautions to ensure success. Take these tips and be sure to consistently use them throughout the duration of your semester. Overall, the course topics include a fascinating blend of physics and anatomy, making the content really enjoyable if you prepare adequately. You’ll learn all about the science behind movement and ace the final with these tips!



Sahar J

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