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The English Literature program at York University is known for its versatility and community of scholars. Students come from all over the world to study at York University and the community within the English department and faculty is a strong one. Here are four reasons students at York University love the English literature program.

1. The Professors

The professors in the English department at York University are some of the most accomplished and caring individuals you will have the pleasure of being taught by.  They come from all walks of life and from fascinating work and study histories. You will encounter professors that have worked everywhere – from media to publishing agencies globally – the majority of these individuals bring not only their vast knowledge of the works you will examine to their lecture halls but also a plethora of interesting and inspiring personal anecdotes. Many of them have spent decades in academia, bringing all of this experience to create engaging lesson plans today.

2. The wide breadth of courses

The most appealing thing students find about being an English Literature major is the awesome opportunities to study almost any area of literature that they are interested in. You can enrol in courses that study literature by century, by country, and by genre. There are even various writing workshops and seminars for those who want to take a stab at not just studying storytelling, but also creating stories themselves. There is endless space in this program to be flexible, allowing students the opportunity to tailor their academic courses to their unique interests and passions.

3. Opportunities for career and publishing opportunities.

Students in the English literature program at York University have access to a plethora of resources for getting their work published and starting their careers. The college list-serv regularly sends out internship and publishing opportunities to its students, keeping them engaged and informed on how they can explore the various career paths their degree might be an asset for. This is invaluable and adds a real sense of confidence to one’s academic journey to be frequently reminded of the opportunities available for English literature majors.


4. The guest lecturers

You will witness more than a few amazing guest lecturers during your time in the English Literature program at York University. From musicians in my Shakespeare class to Canadian authors that speak to students about Canada’s rich history, each of these speakers makes your time in the program one that is exciting and always thought-provoking. Many professors supplement their lectures occasionally with guest speakers who really add a real-life feel and special contribution to the concepts you will learn about in classes.


Overall, the English Literature program at York University is a great choice for any student who wants to enrich their analytic skills, learn about storytelling, and dive deep into the world of rhetoric and literary devices. Literature allows us to step outside ourselves and understand the world around us. York University’s English literature program definitely delivers on these and the above are just a few reasons why it is so great. If you want to learn more about the program and courses, head over to to check out all the other amazing things the program has to offer!



Sahar J

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