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A question that every student asks during their time at any university: What are the easiest classes that I can take at York University? May this be to boost one’s GPA, lighten up their course-load, fulfill their casual interest in a field, or just to get some easy credits. Here are 10 of the Easiest Classes a York University!

1. Acting for Non-Majors (THEA 1520)

This course is a fabulous introduction for students of any majors except theatre majors. Not only is this the perfect course for people who love acting and are passionate about it but also for those who just want to get a taste of what acting is all about and have no prior experience at all. This course introduces students to a variety of concepts such as communication skills, flow of breathing, voice work, exploring monologues, skits, journal writing, drama, and improvisations.


2. Administrative Studies (ADMS 1000)

This introductory course is well-known for it’s useful business content and not-too-much-effort-required. Even if you’re not a business major, this course will teach you introductory material that can be applied in your everyday life. It’s pretty straightforward and teaches you how businesses operate, how to manage people, consumer behaviour, marketing, etc. Plus, the course is taught by doing super interesting business cases weekly.


3. Life Beyond Earth (NATS 1880)

Ever dreamt about exploring space and the magnificent universes? Or, literally cried while watching Interstellar and got inspired to be on a mission to explore Mars? Perhaps, just wanted to study UFO’s and aliens? Well, wait no longer. This course will definitely satisfy your wonderment of what life would be like living in a different planet. This course will explore various factors that would be required for life to exist beyond Earth and other life that already exists outside.


4. Dance for Non-Majors (DANC 1500)

We all know how boring and stressful long lectures can get. Why not get physical and move your body a bit? Introducing dancing for non-majors! A course that allows you to have fun while also applying different dance techniques and movement theories. Doesn’t matter if you’ve already mastered Chandler’s signature dance, this class is all about feeling that beat and letting your body relax and enter a state of euphoria.


5. Guitar for Non-majors (MUSI 1085)

Another course designed for non-majors that you can take to learn a hobby or a passion. Here’s your chance to finally learn an instrument that you’ve always wanted to master. This course will introduce you to basic string techniques, guitar chords, strumming, etc. You can also take this course for other instruments such as classical strings, flute, and piano.


6. World Geography (GEOG 1000)

This Geography course will introduce you to examining the world both geographically and critically. It will focus on current pressing issues such as globalization, climate change, migration, inequality, and tourism while also testing you on countries and continents, mapping skills, etc.


7. Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 1010)

A super interesting introductory psychology well-renowned at York usually taught by professor Rebecca Jubis. Professor Jubis is known to be very animated by implementing real life examples into the course. This course introduces you to the study of the human brain. Some of the topics include behaviour, learning, perception, motivation, cognition, personality, etc. If you always wanted to know how the brain works and/or look at the world from someone else’s perspective, this course is for you.


8. Understanding Food (NATS 1560)

If you wanted a course that teaches you about everything related to food. This course looks at what food is, where it comes from, how it’s produced, human nutrition, health, etc. Some interesting topics include modern food production, organic food, genetically modified food, farming and agriculture.


9. Introductory Mathematical Economics I (ECON 1530)

If you don’t mind a little bit of high-school math here and there, and want to learn more about economics, this course will definitely suit your needs. This course analyses economics using simple linear functions. It introduces you to relations between quantity demanded and price, supply and price, supply and demand, revenue, using mathematical and economic techniques.


10. Theories of Dinosaur Extinction (NATS 1540)

Have you ever wondered how dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the Earth? Want to know if what you learned in Jurassic Park is true? This exciting course will answer all questions and fulfill your curiosity. After recently taking this course, I can say that this course blends in easiness and interesting material really well. You will learn about everything related to dinosaurs, their anatomy, geological time, extinction events, and even rocks!



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