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KINE 4020: Human Nutrition at York University is a fourth year course that explores the ways in which the foods we eat play a crucial role in our health and well-being. You will learn all about the vitamins and minerals that make up our food, what should be going into our bodies, and what we should avoid consuming. With its deep dive into the science behind food, it can be a challenging course for many. Here are a few tips on how you can ensure your success in the course:

1. Never miss class!

Make it a point to never miss class. It is a lot less tedious to learn the material with the engaging professor of the course explaining it thoroughly than cramming a week before the midterm exam by watching the online lectures. This course requires a lot of memorization and details. If you don’t keep up with the material by going to class and engaging in the class discussions it will be difficult to regurgitate the information for the exams.


2. Make summary sheets of your readings!

The textbook for this course is detail heavy and you can get lost in how deep it dives into the world of chemistry and food science.The greatest way to simplify the concepts and your study schedule is to summarize each chapter into a sheet or two of jot notes. This will allow you to study on the go and make quick review sessions easy. You can also group notes by topic – for example, making a review sheet featuring all the essential vitamins and their three main properties. The professor moves through concepts quickly in this course and the material builds on itself, so you must ensure you can keep up with the pace in the lecture hall. Go over the power points and readings before class so that you are prepared to engage in discussion.


3. Go to the office hours early!

Attending your professor’s office hours is not only a great way to get to know them but also an amazing opportunity to clarify concepts and get tips for how to go about studying for the exams. The style of this course’s office hours is very one-to-one and personal. You’ll have your professor’s undivided attention and will be able to ask all the follow-up questions you need to. The key to using the office hours for this course effectively is to make sure you are arriving at the beginning of your professor’s office hour schedule in order to get your spot in life. Professors really do notice which students are making an effort to understand the material by approaching them and utilizing these office hours is important to make sure you don’t end up at the final exam with gaps in your knowledge.


4. Keep track of your deadlines and plan ahead!

The assignment deadlines in this course sneak up on you quickly. On a positive note, the assignments are really interesting to do – such as creating a diet plan for a real person. On the downside, they cannot be completed in one night – you will need to keep track of your deadlines and plan ahead with starting your work on them early. Starting early also allows you to run the work by a fellow classmate or the helpful tutors at the York University writing centre before handing it in.


5. Study while you eat!

You will be learning about the different ingredients, minerals, and vitamins that go into all your food. Therefore, a fun way to study is to try to recall which vitamins might be in the food you are eating during meals. This helps you learn about your own nutrition habits and simultaneously allows you to review the material during your study breaks!


Overall, KINE 4020 is a science-based course that requires a lot of reading, memorization, and critical thinking. You will learn incredible things about the relationship our food has with our overall health and well-being – knowledge you can utilize for the rest of your life. Therefore, the course can be a wonderful experience – and with consistent use of these tips, you are sure to succeed!


Sahar J

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