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Kine 4370: Body As Light: Meditation Practices is an upper-level course in the Health Science & Kinesiology program at York University. It explores the history and science of meditation through group discussion, readings, experiential learning, and research. Its an amazing and unique course, here are some of the reasons students at York University should consider taking it:

1.You get to meditate in class.

At the beginning of almost every lecture, the professor leads the class through a 10-15 minute meditation practice. This hands-on learning really adds to understanding the process of meditation and prepares you to be present for the rest of the lecture. If you are someone who enjoys active learning in the classroom as opposed to simply taking notes in lecture, this course is engaging and experiential in nature.

2. It teaches you how to relax.

You will learn about a variety of meditation practices and mindfulness-based intervention techniques in this course that you will be able to carry with you beyond the semester. Many students face a lot of stress during their university years and a course like this one, that quite literally teaches you how to be more mindful, present, and relaxed is invaluable. After taking this class, you could gain a new appreciation for meditation and can continue to practice the focus and relaxation techniques.

3.The readings are incredibly interesting.

In readings for the course, you will gain a true understanding of the science behind the effectiveness of meditation techniques for improving depression, attention, the stress response, neural coordination,  the immune response, and overall happiness. If you are fascinated by the interaction between body and mind, psychology, neurology, and philosophy, this course is a wonderful blend of these various fields. The readings range from short non-fiction novels to research papers, keeping the content always interesting and fresh.


4.The assignments are actually fun to work on.

The homework and assignments for this course are also incredibly enlightening and enjoyable to work on. A large component of your homework will be to actually meditate! Imagine being assigned homework that does wonders for your mental health, how great is that? You will also keep a personal journal to document your progress with your meditation practice and be tasked with actually venturing out to a meditation temple to participate in a new technique. You will also be encouraged to engage with meditation teachers and conduct interviews with them – an opportunity to meet some really interesting people and explore some truly fascinating topics.


It is highly recommended that students in any program, not just Kinesiology, can consider enrolling in KINE 4370.  It is the kind of course that teaches concepts and involves class discussions that you will reflect on and carry with you for the rest of your life. You will be very self-motivated to do well in this course because by taking it you are leaving with more than just a great grade – you are leaving with an increased sense of self-awareness and knowledge of the fascinating word of meditation, a field that has exploded all over the world in recent years.



Sahar J

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