York University‘s diverse student body can be largely attributed to its rich international student body. It is no wonder that students from all over the world attend York University when you consider all of the wonderful resources it has designed that cater to international students. Check out the following resources and share them with friends to ease your or their transition into student life in Canada.

1. International Student Advising

York International offers opportunities for international students to speak with advisors who can assist them with things like understanding immigration, housing, finances, employment, and other social issues. These services can be accessed by phone, email, or in person. There are individual drop-in sessions available most weekdays as well as group drop-in sessions that accept a maximum of four students per session.

You can read more information regarding these services and book an appointment by visiting the International Student Advising page on the York University website. You can also visit York International at 200 York Lanes to hear more about how you can utilize the advising services.

2. Peer program

York University‘s International Student Peer Program allows incoming international students to connect with Peer Supporters who are currently international students or domestic students with international experience. new international students can connect with a peer supporter online or in person to receive valuable information and advising regarding academic and social life at York University and in Canada. The program allows new students to build a network and community where they can participate in activities and adjust comfortably to their new lives in Toronto.

3. Global Connections

York University has designed a project called Global Connections (GC) which assists international students in gaining information about the school and country before arrival. York University‘s student liaison act as contacts before arrival that help to ease the new international student transition. These liaisons are usually international students that share languages and cultures with the incoming student, helping them navigate student life prior to arrival.

4. ESL Open Learning Centre (ESL OLC)

York University hosts free weekly English and academic skills support to ESL students through their ESL Open Learning Centre (ESL OLC). You can check out these services to receive help with writing, reading, pronunciation, presentation skills, speaking, listening and assignment work. There is individualized help available through booking a one-to-one appointment as well as group workshops you can attend for free! This is an amazing resource for international students who are feeling the pinch of language barriers upon arrival.

5. Living in Canada Sessions (LICS)

York International has designed workshops revolvingaround international student life in Canada which features guest speakers from relevant fields. They are a great way for international students to have an opportunity to deconstruct topics like filing taxes, writing resumes, understanding banking, and finding a job in Canada.

Transitioning into student life in a new country can be incredibly challenging, however, York University‘s values of inclusion and diversity make it a great place to be for international students. There is an endless number of resources and support systems built by the University that international students can turn to make their arrival and stay in Canada one that is comfortable. Be sure to check out these resources and share them with your friends!

Sahar J

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