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Writing in Psychology is a course that has recently been made mandatory for Honours Psychology students, and for good reason! It’s an extremely useful course that will not only make you a better academic writer, but also more comfortable with academic writing in general!

1. There are no exams!

For all those people who find midterms and finals more stressful than writing exercises or essays, you can rejoice! It’s quite rare to find a class in the psychology department that doesn’t have any exams as a method of assessment, but this is one of them!


2. There are online grammar exercises to complete throughout the semester

Yes, grammar can be a slightly dry subject, but the cold, hard truth is that there are a lot of people who won’t take you seriously if you don’t know the rules of grammar. The good news is that you can stretch the grammar exercises over the duration of the course (just don’t leave them all until the end!), and you don’t actually get a mark – you just get a pass/fail based on whether you actually completed the exercises.


3. Peer review is a large part of the course

The structure of this class is quite different from other classes, where the professor just lectures for three hours. In this course, a lot of the class is spent helping your fellow classmates with their writing exercises by providing suggestions on how they can improve their writing.


4. Even if you miss class, you can still participate in the peer review

The course coordinators were very clever in terms of dealing with the inevitability that students occasionally miss class and therefore wouldn’t have the opportunity to have their writing piece edited or to edit someone else’s piece. What was their solution? Editing doesn’t have to be finished by the end of class – in fact, all editing is to be submitted online via Moodle by 10pm that night. So not to worry if something keeps you from class!


5. There is actually only one essay you have to write – but it needs to be good!

You would think that a course called Writing in Psychology would require more than one essay, but thankfully, it doesn’t! However, because you spend most of the semester perfecting your writing, the professor will certainly have relatively high standards for that one final essay, so make sure to take advantage of everything you’ve learned in the course and make it a great one!


So that’s Writing in Psychology in a nutshell. All in all, it’s one of the more painless courses as well as a class that can only help you in future psychology courses (or really any course that requires academic writing skills!)


Lia Reed

Lia hopes to get her PhD in Clinical Psychology, so she'll be in school for a long time! Aside from that, she loves playing with her cat and tutoring (so she gets at least some human interaction!).

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