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Psych 2020 is a necessary and interesting course that all psychology majors have to take in order to graduate from the program. This course is more than just a statistics course but you definitely need to brush up on your math skills for it! Some key concepts are that homework is essential, attending class is a must, ask questions if needed, and statistics can be fun!

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1.Statistics Can Be Fun!

Math isn’t for everybody but this course can be super fun, especially with the great TA’s and professors. You can apply statistics to almost anything in your life, and whether you know it or not, statistics is everywhere!

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2. Go to Class!

Some courses you can get away with missing a few classes but not this one. Miss more than two classes and you’ll be picking up the slack for a few days just to get back on track. It’s very helpful if you have a friend that can record the lecture you missed or if someone can take notes for you while you’re away.

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3. Ask Questions!

If you need to, ask questions! Sometimes it’s frustrating when people ask too many questions during the lecture that it prolongs the lecture by a half hour but if you have them, ask, even if that’s at the end of the lecture. Sometimes it’s hard to single yourself out and ask a question but chances are there’s a few students with the exact same question. Everyone thinks that someone will ask it but then no one does because they’re all counting on someone else to do so. So raise that hand!

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4. Do the Homework!

Never has there ever been a course that’s required you to do homework more than this one! There’s a Launchpad component to the course that must be completed each week or else you’ll be lost the next week. Plus, just by doing a few online quizzes, you can get an easy 10% added to your grade if you get 16/20 or higher!

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Math can be hard, especially if you don’t pay attention. There are those lucky few that can get away with never doing homework or attending class and still get a A but most of us aren’t like that. Attend class as often as you can, do the homework, ask questions, and try not to forget that statistics can be fun!

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Bella Tamburello

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