With so many amazing opportunities to get involved on the York University campus as a Health Science and Kinesiology Student, it can difficult to not become overwhelmed with extracurricular commitments. With a busy academic year ahead of you, you will need to be selective about which student organizations, clubs, and leadership activities you get involved in. Applying to become a Student Health Ambassador at York U with the Faculty of Health is an incredible choice and should be at the top of your extracurriculars list for the following reasons!

1.You will get to shape lives.

As a student health ambassador, you represent the face of York University, the faculty of Health, and your undergraduate program to all potential future students at recruitment events and initiatives. This is a large responsibility as you will often be the first point of contact students applying to York will encounter and will have the responsibility of sharing your experience in the Health Science and Kinesiology program and what makes it so great with them. You will speak to parents and students at events like the Ontario University Fair (attended by over 130,000 high school students and parents annually), York University new student orientations, and open houses. Ultimately, you will be shaping prospective students’ final decisions of where to spend their undergraduate years – a huge decision!


2. You will build valuable skills.

As a Student Health Ambassador, you will be communicating with a diverse range of individuals spanning from the high school prospective York student aged to grandparents and parents that want to hear your personal experience in trying to decide whether the Health Science program at York U is right for their child. Dealing with such a high volume of people at events will allow you to develop great communication, event organization, and problem-solving skills. Your leadership skills and confidence level will thrive as you take on the responsibility of acting as a valuable mentor and guide to students and their families.

3. Endless Networking Opportunities

The opportunities for networking as a SHAY are unmatched by most other extracurricular activities. The SHAY program is home to some of the most passionate, hardworking students in the Faculty of Health and you will get to make life-long friends and be inspired by their experiences. This is a great way to get advice from older students in your faculty and find study buddies and mentors. Not only will you be working with students of all years from all the programs in the Faculty of Health, but you will also have the opportunity to network with students from other schools at large off-campus events like the University Fair where schools from all over Ontario will be representing themselves.


4. Flexible levels of commitment

There are a minimum number of events SHAY have to sign up to volunteer for from the start to finish of the school year. However, this number is very manageable for the busy undergraduate Health science and kinesiology student! As a SHAY, aside from this minimum number, you can sign up to volunteer for as many numbers of events as you’d like and you get to choose which ones you would like to be a part of. This means that you can accommodate for when your coursework level may be particularly high by signing up for less SHAY events. You get points for each event you attend so you are rewarded for higher levels of commitment as well. This is a leadership position where you have agency to shape your role as an ambassador,  which is super empowering and creates endless opportunities for growth.


5. You get Rewards, and an end of year Celebration!

There are some real perks associated with taking on a SHAY position. Remember those points you collect for volunteering at events that we spoke about in #5?  Well, at the end of the year you get to redeem them for awesome rewards. These include gift cards to the bookstore, letters from the dean, certificates, and a number of other prizes. The more points you collect, the more of the rewards you have access to.  Furthermore, there is a big celebration at the end of the year where students get to socialize, celebrate their hard work, and recognize each other’s commitment to the SHAY program. You may even be nominated for a ‘SHAY award’ such as most likely to become president, York U’s next top model, and more!


The social, academic, and personal growth benefits you receive from being involved in the SHAY program are undeniable. It is meaningful experiences like these that will truly shape the success of your years at York University.  The above mentioned are wonderful reasons to apply to be a Student Health Ambassador at York University in the coming years!




Sahar J

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