The extracurricular clubs and organizations you get involved with as an undergraduate student can truly shape the person you become. With so many amazing opportunities to get involved on the York University campus as a Psychology student, it can be hard to discern which ones would most benefit and align with your future goals and personal interests. Here are a few extracurriculars every Psychology major at York University should consider getting involved with!

1.Undergraduate Psychology Students Association

Join the Undergraduate Psychology Students’ Association (UPSA) if you want to use your skills and experience to provide academic and social support to your peers at York University. You’ll learn about all the opportunities and career paths possible with a psychology degree and get to educate your peers about the possibilities for them! To make a significant contribution to the Psychology department at York University as an undergraduate student this is a great place to start.


2. Faculty of Health Student Caucus

The student-led organization, Faculty of Health Student Caucus (FHSC), acts with the purpose of representing the faculty of health students from all degree programs at York University. If you want to be a part of planning awesome events and connect with the other various organizations and clubs affiliated with the faculty of health – such as the HealthAid Network, KAHSSO, and SAHMPI – this is a great choice of extracurricular for you as a psychology student! You will be working with lots of different student clubs which will allow you to connect with students in and outside of your program.



Applying to be a Student Health Ambassador at York University give you the opportunity to represent your faculty, degree, and York University at a number of huge recruitment and celebratory events. You will often be the first point of contact students applying to York University’s psychology program will encounter and will have the responsibility of sharing your experience with them.  If you love your program and are excited about educating others on what makes a Psychology degree at York so great, you will love being a SHAY. You will develop great communication, event organization, and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, you will get to meet and work with students from all years of the Psychology program at York U and gain valuable mentors and friends.


4. Health Aid Network

Many psychology students get involved with the Health Aid Network for the amazing learning opportunities and networking experience it affords them. As a member of this network, you have the opportunity to be a peer mentor or peer leader. You will work through workshops with your fellow peers revolving around leadership and authentic personal development. If you want to take on a fulfilling role that allows you to mentor younger students, work with students in upper years, and make genuine connections, the HealthAid Network is a wonderful opportunity to do so.


5. Active Minds at York

If you are passionate about mental health and have a genuine desire to see those around you thrive, Active Minds at York is a great club to join as a psychology student at York U. This organization is starting important conversations around mental health disorders and stigma, spreading awareness and educating the York U student body about available mental health resources. They host fun, informative, and enlightening events throughout the year that you could play a role in creating and planning!


The biggest and best part of learning happens outside the classroom and as a psychology major the opportunities for growth and networking through extracurricular involvement are endless. Consider joining any of these organizations and clubs for truly meaningful leadership experiences at York University!


Sahar J

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