York University is home to a plethora of restaurants and places to snack. With such a large student body, it is only fitting that the list of places for students to grab a bite increases as the years go by.  After a heavy exam, students often opt to head to york lanes or the student centre for drinks or a sweet treat. If you have a sweet tooth, here are five great places to grab dessert on the York University Keele campus!

1.The Underground

The Underground at York University is conveniently located in the basement of the campus’ main student centre. It is a restaurant venue that is often used for the university’s celebratory events and ceremonies. This is no surprise with the extensive menu it boasts – including a range of rich desserts. Sweet treats on the menu include  Donut Holes, Butter Tarts ‘ a l mode’,  and milkshakes. Thier most popular dessert is the Brownie Explosion – a warm triple chocolate brownie served with ice cream and whipped cream. The underground also features a stage and bar so you can swing by during one of their events to see a show at the same time as digging into a plate of warm brownie.


2. La Prep

La Prep cafe is one of the best places to grab a healthy meal but is also simultaneously known for its wide selection of decadent and delicate desserts. It is located very centrally in York Lanes, right across from Thai Express.  There you will find mini mouse cakes, cheesecakes with delicate designs, fudge brownies and an assortment of gourmet cookies and biscottis. They also make some delicious dessert inspired drinks like speciality hot chocolates and smoothies.


3. Second Cup in York Lanes

The Second Cup located at the far end of York Lanes next to the new Shoppers Drug Mart is a go-to for students with a sweet tooth craving. Whether you are looking for a scrumptious slice of cake (or the whole cake for sharing), baked goods, or their signature frozen hot chocolate dessert drink – you won’t be disappointed. Their Red Velvet cake, always in the window display, is a student favourite on the York U Keele campus.  They also usually stock carrot cakes, fudge, and nut-based cakes as well!


4. The Orange Snail

The Orange Snail in Stong College is known for its fresh homestyle cooked eats and desserts. If you want to get away from the business of and bustling coffee shops on campus, its Stong college basement location makes the Orange Snail a calm and comfy getaway for those who want to avoid the crowds. To share a pie or slice of cake with a friend head over to this York U hidden treasure.


5. Starbucks in CLH

A new Starbucks has just opened in Central Square on the York University campus and students are really excited about it – and for good reason: There are plenty of sugary desserts and drinks here to tempt the crowds. Stop by the spacious new Starbucks for brownie cake pops in flavours of peppermint, chocolate, and birthday cake. Try the new frappuccino flavours or grab a large cookie to go with your coffee. If you want somewhere you can grab dessert and simultaneously either grab coffee with a friend or study – this is the new go-to spot for students.


Clearly, York U has no shortage of delicious dessert eat spots on its Keele Campus. Students are sure to find an assortment of dessert options at each of these places to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. Grab a few friends and head over to one of them after your next brutal exam – you deserve the treat!


Sahar J

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