York University is known for its lively campus culture and inclusive spaces for growth. As someone who hopes to improve their leadership skills during their academic career, getting involved in extracurriculars is critical for the kind of personal growth most students aspire to. Here are five of the most amazing extracurricular opportunities for York University students seeking to grow into exceptional leaders.

1. Student Caucus

The student caucus councils found within the colleges at York Univerisity are councils that represent the student bodies of specific faculties on the campus. The work to unify the activities and missions of all the various student organizations and clubs under their college and faculty at York U. Becoming a student caucus member can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You will be a part of planning and execution of events and activities to enhance the campus culture in many different facets and represent your peers. One of their main goals is to develop their student members into ‘agents of change’, empowering them to have a real say in facilitating change at the school. You can become a general member quite easily or apply for a leadership position with heavier responsibilities.

2. Leadershape Program

York University partners with the Leadershape Institute to deliver a six-day conference that allows students who wish to improve their leadership skills to spend time in self-discovery and supportive dialogue with other student leaders in the York U community. Signing up to join this program will challenge you to be a leader who leads with integrity and allow you to create a clear picture of what you would like to manifest during your time at York. You will also become part of an incredible network and meet lifelong friends!

3. Red Zone

Those friendly faces sitting in the large booth in the centre of Vari Hall that you walk by each morning on your way to class? Well, those are the awesome York University Red Zone Ambassadors. Becoming a Red Zone ambassador on campus is known as one of the most rewarding leadership experiences students in any year at the school have the opportunity to take on. Your responsibilities will include acting as a front-line contact for those transitioning into or adjusting to university life. You’ll offer knowledge of resources and answer questions – everything ranging from directing students to the locations of buildings and services to general tips on how to make the most of the York University Keele campus.


AISEC happens to be one of the largest student-run organizations in the world. Its membership is comprised of students who have the similar passion of impacting the world and improving the lives of others. Their main purpose is to develop youth leaders through abroad internships and local community organizing. As an AIESEC member, there is endless opportunity to move into positions with higher responsibilities and to grow at a pace that challenges you comfortably.  You will be tasked with managing large teams of students, maintaining relations and communications with other AIESEC chapters at Toronto institutions, and planning large events like conferences and general assemblies. As a leader in this organization, you truly have the freedom to take on as many initiatives and projects as you desire – allowing you to take on as many challenges as you see fit to grow into the leader you aspire to be.

5. Student Ombuds Services (S.O.S at Bethune College)

Student Ombuds Services at Bethune college offers an incredible variety of opportunities to students who want to meaningfully contribute to the York University community while simultaneously building valuable and comprehensive leadership skills. As a peer advisor, you will provide peer advising services to students in your faculty. You’ll learn how to run seminars and presentations on career and volunteer options and hone your team management skills. You’ll build public speaking skills, develop into a confident mentor, and enhance your problem-solving skills in dealing with students of many different academic year levels and cultural backgrounds.

Ultimately, there is no shortage of incredible leadership opportunities for students at York University. Here are just a few extracurricular activities that will not only boost your CV but also provide you with experiences that allow you true individual capacity and personal growth as a budding leader.


Sahar J

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