Facebook can be quite the distraction during busy exam seasons but York University’s student presence on the site is incredibly useful for those who know where to look. Here are five Facebook groups every York U student would find incredibly beneficial to join today!

1. York University Book Exchange (YUBE)

The York University Book Exchange group is the online hub for all things used textbook. It currently has over 28,000 members and is used by students at York to sell and buy their textbooks. Additionally, students will also ask for and receive advice regarding certain courses and programs at york. It’s an awesome spot to make some extra cash and you’ll save a ton of money by grabbing your textbooks used instead of buying them at the York U bookstore brand new.


2. York University Students

This group is for all future and current York U students. Keep tabs on this facebook page to stay up to date on all the latest YU blog posts, special campus deals, and campus news. It’s a centralized spot to get the latest news about strikes and regulation changes, as well as campus-wide announcements regarding student life. This is a great group to connect with older students and alumni as well – who are invaluable resources for ensuring your time at York U is a success.


3. York Federation of Students

The York Federation of Students has its own Facebook page that keeps students up to date on all of their campaigns and events. This is super useful for finding out about Frost week and other special celebratory weeks at york hosted by the student leadership body. You’ll also have first access to being notified about special event ticket sales and gain perspective from your fellow student leaders about the happenings on campus during the year. The York Federation of Students offers a lot of super useful cheap and free services to students so it’s important, as a york u student, to be receiving updates on their activities!

4. York University Graduate Students Association

This group is one every current or future graduate student at York University should join in order to stay in the loop on all the incredible resources, services, and opportunities York U offers in its graduate programs. Graduate school life can be extremely busy and stressful, however, this facebook group is a great way to connect with classmates, plan social events, and remind yourself you’re simply not alone on this journey. Student societies from all programs will post in this group  about their upcoming events and services so you should check it frequently to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the support the school offers to its students.

5. International Students Association at York

York University is home to a rich population of international students from around the globe. The school prides itself on its values of diversity and inclusivity, striving to create a comfortable space at the school for international students. This facebook group is just another way it works to keep the community connected and thriving. This group is for both international and non-international students to connect and share their campus experiences. It is a great space to find out about diversity-related events, promote your events, and coordinate activities that enrich the cross-cultural communication at York.


With such a large student population, it can be easy for students at York University to experience information overload from all the online resources the school offers. Joining a few key facebook groups like the ones above will allow you to have a few centralized places for all of the information and support accessible to you as a York U student. Utilizing these online communities is also a truly wonderful way to build in-person communities around campus. The possibilities for networking and receiving academic, financial, professional support are endless when you have the right online sources.


Sahar J

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