A great way to expand your knowledge of unfamiliar topics and release your creative side is to fill some of your elective courses in school with fine arts courses! Fortunately for York University students, the options are endless in this regard. Courses across disciplines of dance, music, and theatre offer incredible opportunities to meet peers outside your major, develop exciting skills, and explore your artistic side. Here are seven awesome fine arts courses offered at York University that students in any major will find enjoyable and enlightening!

1. THEA 1520: Acting for Non-Majors

Acting for Non-Majors is a notoriously popular course on the York U campus and for good reason. It introduces students to concepts such as improvisation, basic vice work, monologue delivery, and invites them to explore journal writing and other performance techniques. Taking a performance-based course like this one allows you to develop confidence and improve public speaking skills. The collaborative nature of the course means it is also a wonderful way to meet new friends across many different majors.


2. DANC 1400: Dance for Non-majors

This course was specifically created for non-dance majors to learn about the forms of dance and practice them. The dance styles covered come from many different cultures and time periods. You’ll gain experience dancing in a variety of forms and styles, gain confidence in your motor movements, and have a lot of fun!


3. DANCE 1900: Dance, Film, and Culture

In this course, you don’t have to physically dance but are instead asked to explore content related to dance, film, and cultural analysis through the critiquing of many dance films and reviewing cultural criticism. It is a blended course that involves watching movies every week, doing a few readings and submitting assignments online to the Moodle site. You will process ideas through writing and work on final projects that force you to use creativity and analytic skill.


4. Music 1001: The Basics of Music

This course offers the opportunity for non-majors to learn to notate and read music using staff notation, explore foundations of music theory and learn fundamental musicianship. It is a great, non-intimidating way for those with little experience in the field to dip their toes into the world of music. The course is offered in an in-person and online format, making it flexible to fit into your schedule.


5. VISA 2025: Painting Techniques

This class invites students to explore various approaches to painting through hands-on experience and study of a wide range of traditional and contemporary materials and techniques. Working outside of class time will be necessary for this course. This course requires some work during out of class time but it is incredibly enjoyable and the professor is very supportive of individual creativity.


These five courses are wonderful options to fill electives for students of all majors at York University. They are incredibly accessible, enlightening, and challenging in a way that inspires you to want to continue to build on the skills you learned in each course even after the completion of the course. Consider these when selecting courses for your next semester!

Sahar J

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