The music department at York University is known for its achievements and accomplished staff. However, most students will argue that the most wonderful thing about the music department at York University is the wide variety of courses across styles and cultures that it offers students from all disciplines to take part in.

Here are seven great courses for musicians and aspiring musicians at York University.

1. MUSI 1001: the Basics of Music

This course explores the basics of music theory and has no prerequisites, making it great for experienced musicians who want to brush up on foundations or students from other majors that are starting out in the world of music. You will learn about topics such as notation, scales, chords, rhythm, transposition, and a variety of basic music terms. The includes five short quizzes and a final test, making the evaluations fairly spaced out and providing plenty of opportunities to improve your overall mark throughout the term.


2. MUSI 1011: Classical Strings for Non-majors and Majors

In MUSI 1011, students will learn the basic skills involved in violin, cello, viola, and double bass performance. They will learn how to hold a bow correctly, ensemble repertoire, and become competent in a variety of foundational techniques!


3. MUSI 1012: Guitar for Nonmajors

Guitar for non-majors is an approachable and incredibly fun class that allows students to develop elementary guitar performance skills. You will explore introductory theory, correct hand position, and posture, and basic chords to play a variety of simple songs. The professor is known to be incredibly talented and friendly, making the classes both engaging and enlightening.


4. MUSI 1013: Flute for non-majors and majors

MUSI 1013 is a great environment for beginner and new flute players to learn performance technique, breath control, theory, articulation, and repertoire development – all crucial to becoming a competent flute player. The work is manageable and the course is offered throughout the year.


5. MUSI 1014: Introduction to Classical Singing for Non-Majors and Majors

Aspiring and experienced singers alike will find this course enjoyable and valuable. You will explore the techniques and skills of classical vocal performance. These include such topics as breathing and posture, repertoire development and ensemble relevant techniques. This is a half-term course generally offered in the winter semester that includes a concert performance evaluation


6. MUSI 1051: Jazz Workshop 1

Jazz workshop 1 is an exciting course that explores ensemble playing in the jazz world. Students with basic instrumental proficiency will find this course to be a wonderful experience where they can explore small group jazz performance and theory.


7. MUSI 1095: Caribbean Ensemble

Students in MUSI 1095 have the opportunity to explore basic steel pan and drum techniques taken from the Caribbean culture and region. It is an incredibly unique course that will adequately challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and teach you a lot about the history of the art and performance. If you want to try a music course that is engaging and offers plenty of variety in activities, this is a wonderful course to consider.


When it comes to the art of music, the possibilities to explore across cultures, crafts, and theories are endless at York University. Check out the mentioned courses which have been deemed the most popular among musicians and aspiring musicians at York U.






Sahar J

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