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Outline and assess Lewiss account of truth in fictionLewis D 1978 Truth in Fiction American Philosophical Quarterly 15 3746 Reprinted in his Philosophical Papers Volume 1Currie Chapters 2 and 3Gregory Curries The Nature of FictionSainsbury Chapter 4Kendall Walton Mimesis as MakeBelieve Chapter 4 BH301R4WALRichard Woodward 2011 Truth in Fiction Philosophy Compass 6 158167In his 1978 work Truth in Fiction David Lewis addresses the problem of determining the truth value of statements in a work of fiction by using a system of possible worlds Lewis believes that there are an infinite number of possible worlds it follows that the events described in a storyin every story but logically impossible onesmust happen somewhere in the plurality of worlds Lewis defines a possible world as do others as a maximal set of consistent properties Lewis differs from most other theorists in that he holds that every possible physically or concretely exists just as our own does the only reason we call our world the actual world is that we happen to live in it Most other possible world theorists believe that possible worlds are abstractThe question Lewis begins with is how can we hold that certain things are true about fictional characterssay to imitate Lewis that Sherlock Holmes is a cocaine userwhen these characters dont even exist The easy answer and the one he addresses first is that we automatically assume that statements about fictions are implicitly prefixed by the phrase In the fiction feg In the fictions written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is a cocaine user Lewis uses his theory of possible worlds to modify this statement saying there are an infinite number worlds where the fiction f occurs and that one way to judge truth value is by Analysis
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