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Lecture 2

NURS1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Nursing Process, Therapeutic Relationship, Critical Thinking

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Lecture Week two:
Therapeutic relationships-
A therapeutic relationship is the relationship between a carer and client (nurse and patient
etc). This relationship is used to promote the health and wellbeing of the client. Therapeutic
relationships are crucial to the healthcare system, if there are quality therapeutic
relationships there will be quality healthcare. Good communication is important in these
relationships as it is key to avoiding mistakes.
The Nursing process:
The nursing process is a five-part systemic decision-making method. It focuses on identifying
and treating the responses of patients to actual or potential conditions. The five parts of the
nursing method are: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementing plan and evaluation.
This process can easily be remembered using the acronym “ADPIE”. The nursing process is
used to organise nursing care for patients to meet their specific needs, a way of identifying
and defining nursing goals, the nursing process allows nurses to respond to the changing
health statuses of patients because it is an adaptive and ongoing process.
Critical thinking:
Critical thinking underpins the nursing process. There are many different aspects of critical
thinking, reflection is one of them and means to evaluate what could have been done better
and what was done well in a certain situation. Creativity is another and is what allows a
nurse to think outside the box and be flexible in their practice. Critical analysis and
reasoning are also aspects of critical thinking. Someone who is a critical thinker will be open
minded, inquisitive, self-aware, self-confident, they will have intellectual courage (the
courage to question standard practice), integrity, an eagerness to learn and integrity.
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