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Lecture 33

BIOM30001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 33: Slow-Wave Sleep, Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, OrexinExam

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aW = active Wake
qW = quiet wake
SWS = slow wave sleep = NREM sleep
PS = paradoxical sleep = REM sleep
Orexin producing cells stop firing during sleep
Insomniac patient:
Sleep in insomnia, treatment
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Insomniac patient:
Fragmented sleep pattern: Keep switching from sleep to awake and arousal rate is
Reduced deep sleep (stages 3&4): Insomniacs don't have stage 4 deep sleep, and
hardly stage 3
Early, more frequent REM phases: sleep onset REM = go into REM very quickly
So want to get rid of night time arousal and get more stage 4
Zolpidem: no REM sleep just deep sleep. Might cause sleep walking
The arousal system
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