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Lecture 7

MULT30018 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Internal Validity, Confounding, Dependent And Independent VariablesPremium

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Limitations of Regression Analysis: Experiments as a solution
Independent variables causing dependent variable
o Confounding factors 'third factor'
o Unmeasured 'third factor(s)'
How do experiments work?
Intervention group vs. control group
Laboratory experiments
Complete control of environment (very high internal validity)
Does the lab replicate a 'real world' environment? (lower external validity)
Example of lab experiment: Darley and Latane (1968)
Why do bystanders often fail to help in an emergency?
Participants randomly assigned to 1 of 3 conditions
Percent responding by end of fit across conditions
Field Experiments
High external validity
Less control of environment, leading to lower internal validity
Do 'get out the vote' efforts work?
What effects does mobilization have on turnout?
Field experiments allow researchers to contact some people and not others and then see vote
= mobilization REALLY works
Natural experiments
Sometimes called quasi experiments because researcher does not manipulate Ivs
o TV violence = increase in crime
o Scholarships improve academic performance
Experiments help us establish causation
Many experiments are unethical
Experimental research has real policy implications
7.1 Examples of experiments
Behavrioural insights, behavioural economics
o Experiments based on psychology and hedonics
Pension defaults experiments
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