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Lecture 10

PSYC20008 Lecture Notes - Fall 2017 Lecture 10 - Parenting styles, Active Child

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Katherine Johnson

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How much influence does family have on development?
Family vs. peers and environment
The family as a dynamic system
Family is a dynamic system that can act as a buffer to protect each member from negative
Each person’s role/identity is dependent on their relationship with every other person in the
Operates on not only what they are doing, but also on the relationships between each
member of the family
Not everyone in the family is identical, each individual has their own needs and desires
Changes in one component (ie. one family member) triggers changes in the whole family
Case study: family resilience family belief system, family organisation and communication
Disruption to family dynamics caused by distressful events, persistent events and disruptive
Families that survive negative events grow together and develop a sense of trust between
each other
Family belief system, family organisation and communication help the family go through
negative events and grow
Family belief system making meaning, hopeful outlook and transcendence
Family organisation flexible family structure, connectedness and external supports
Communication clear information, emotional sharing and collaborative problem solving
Jack Whinery and his family
o Immigrated from New Mexico to Texas
o Unskilled factory work or try to farm
o Had to survive with nothing
o Worked together as a family to build a town on their own learn how to hunt, farm and
make their own tools
o 5 years after, had their own fully functioning town
o Ability to work as a team and build something from scratch
o Importance of family resilience
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