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Lecture 13

BIO2242: Lecture 13 notes

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BIO2242 – LECTURE 13 When you perceive a leaf to be green your eyes detect mostly Emitted light Transmitted light Reflected light The typical flavor of onions is mostly derived from the activity of: A single receptor class on your tongue Multiple receptor classes on your tongue Multiple receptor classes in your nose A single receptor class in your nose Mechanoreception II Hearing: Hearing is the perception of propagated sound waves. They are received by vibrating membranes that respond to oscillations in pressure on that membrane. Tympanic organs: Hearing is by tympanic organs, such as eardrums or membrane-like structures. They are modified trachea. Those insects that have tympanic organs also produce sounds for communication. A1 is very sensitive is detects the echolocation sounds of the bats A2 is tune to much higher levels of sounds hence less sensitive. It starts firing when the intensity is so high, where the bat is very close. Insects: Chordotonal organs: Insects us to detect movement of cuticle. Johnston’s organ: Not all use it for hearing. Male mosquitoes use it to detect the sounds female mosquitoes make. Vertebrate hearing: Made up of 3 compartments: Outer ear = ear lobs, pinna, tympanic membrane Middle ear = air filled cavity Inner ear where all the detections happen Pinna = collect sounds Outer and inner hair cells are moved by the tectorial membrane Inner ear acoustics: Fluid moves hair cells of organ o
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