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Lecture 11

BIO2242: Lecture 11 notes

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BIO2242 – LECTURE 11 All animals produce waste products that must be removed from the body: True False The process shown in the diagram is: Osmosis Dissolution Diffusion = solute on one side, and they move to the other side due to equilibrium Homeostasis Osmoregulation: It is the controlled movement of solutes. Hypotonic solution = net water movement will move into the RBC and will burst. Isotonic solution = net water movement is the same Hypertonic solution = net water movement go leave the RBC and they will shrink Animals osmoconform or osmoregulate: Shore crab = osmoregulator Spider crab = osmoconformer Water balance and waste disposal: They have to balance water loss to water gain. Some animals are able to extract water from air = water vapor from air Compared with a marine invertebrate, the body fluids of a freshwater invertebrate are: About the same Exactly the same More concentrated Less concentrated Waste disposal: Get amino acids from ingested proteins or cellular proteins. Ammonia is toxic and soluble. Urea is less toxic than ammonia. Uric acid is even less toxic but not very soluble Life in the sea: Fish are on the constant risk of drying out Marine fish diagram: It is constantly getting water and salt in, which they need to get rid of. They do this by the gills (main exchange). In the
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