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Lecture 17

BIO2242: Lecture 17 notes

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BIO2242 – Invertebrate life history I The ideal animal: Animal may be mature at birth and reproduce immediately. Produce high quality offsprings throughout entire life, and large numbers of them Live indefinitely There is something limiting the population size in a particular environment. It is hard to do all of these at the same time, as it may be incompatible with each other. Lineages have to make decisions over evolutionary time. Constraints and trade offs exist which prevents this from existing. Unleashing your inner demon: Thrip = lays an egg, egg mite that parasitizes the egg of this species. The offspring develops inside the mother. One male and several females – female mates with brother, and then devour the mother from the inside. Females then emerge, and mature, where they have already been inseminated. What is life history: The amount of energy you get is limited due to biological processes take time. Life history: Different lineages of animals make different decisions and take different pathways. Life history evolution: Every animal on earth today has been making these decisions since forever. So if they are still here today, they are doing the right thing. Life history – constraints: Constraints limits the direction of evolution Lift history in animals: Is related to the strategy of resource allocation Involves constraints and trade-offs Is not static, but constantly under selection and evolving All of the above Life history strategies: r: Life in the fast lane Mature as quickly as possible Live fast, die young Large offspring k: small number of young More investment Increase chance of survival According to r/k selection theory: K-selected organisms have many, small offspring
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