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Lecture 5

DEV2011: Lecture 5 summary

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LECTURE 5 Fate Mapping Using a Fluorescent Dye: Fate mapping is a method of understanding the embryonic origin of various tissues in the adult organism by establishing the correspondence between individual cells (or groups of cells) at one stage of development, and their progeny at later stages of development. Components of the Cytoskeleton: - Microfilaments (actin filaments) - Intermediate filaments - Microtubules Microfilaments: These are the thinnest filaments of the cytoskeleton. They are composed of linear polymers of actin subunits, and generate force by elongation at one end of the filament coupled with shrinkage at the other, causing net movement of the intervening strand. They also act as tracks for the movement of myosin molecules that attach to the microfilament and ‘walk’ along them. Intermediate Filaments: These filaments are more stable (strongly bound) than actin filaments. Like actin filaments, they function in the maintenance of cell shape by bearing tension (microtubules, by contrast, resist compression. Think of micro-and intermediate filaments as cables, and of microtubules as cellular support beams). Intermediate filaments organize the internal tridimensional structure of the cell, anchoring organelles and serving as structural components of the nuclear lamina and sarcomeres. They also participate in some cell-cell and cell-matrix junctions. Microtubules: Microtubules are hollow cylinders, most commonly comprising of 13 protofilaments which, in turn, are polymers of alpha and beta tubulin. in n
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