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Lecture 13

DEV2022: Lecture 13 notes

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DEV2022 – Lecture 13 Omphalocele: Abdominal contents are forming outside of the body. Formation of the gut tube lining from endoderm: First step is to form a tube = complex folding Formation of the gut tube from endoderm: Somites = precursors to muscles in vertebrates Early establishment of the primitive gut tube: Cloaca becomes the urinary tract. Development and rotation of the gut tube: Length of the GI tract increases significantly, as well as the width. Protrusion at the end of the cecum is the appendix. Defects in rotation of the gut tube: Because the normal development hasn’t occurred, we’re going to have a long tube floating around which may lead to strangulation. Smooth muscle is important for contraction to expel
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