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Class Notes for ECON101 at University of New England

Introductory Microeconomics

ECON101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Demand Curve, Ceteris Paribus, Product Differentiation

Econ 101 Sections 24 PED measures the degree of responsiveness of quantity demanded (NOT demand) to a change in its own price = Q d price ( change in quantity divided by change in price) = PQ x Q P = PQ x 1gradient (note...

ECON101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Marginal Product, Opportunity Cost, Marginalism

Opportunity cost The best alternative forgone when we make a choice OPC arises because time and resources are scare OPC can be measured in terms of dollars and time Production possibility frontier Graph illustrating the at...

Permachart - Marketing Reference Guide: Net Asset Value, Mutual Fund, U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission

l e a r n • r e f e r e n c e • r e v i e w permacharts TM Mutual Funds WHAT IS A MUTUAL FUND? PURCHASING & REDEE...

All Professors
Macroeconomics - Reference Guides

Take a look at the big picture. This chart covers national income accounting, inflation, consumption, economic growth, money supply, labor markets, monetary policy, international trade, supply side economics, and fiscal po...

Business and Political Economy Program
All Professors
Permachart - Marketing Reference Guide: Marginal Revenue, Profit Maximization, Marginal Cost

l e a r n • r e f e r e n c e • r e v i e w permacharts TM Microeconomics Microeconomics TYPES OF MARKETS ...

E-Business Marketing
ECN 102
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Permachart - Marketing Reference Guide: National Environmental Policy Act, Municipal Solid Waste, Criteria Air Contaminants

l e a r n • r e f e r e n c e • r e v i e w permacharts TM EEnvironmental Law ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL POL...

LAW 356
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