AMB340 - Review Questions 2

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Queensland University of Technology
Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

1 Activities or amenities that enhance the use of the core offering are called a Supplementary product elements b Extended product concepts c Supplementary service elements d Optional extras e Accessory products 2 In a service encounter value is created throughwithout obtainingof anygood a Monetary exchanges ownership intangible b Utility exchanges allocation valuable c Utility functions transfer tangible d Service processes transfer tangible e Service processes ownership tangible3 Which of the following is NOT one of the four generic differences between goods and services a Homogeneity b Intangibility c Simultaneity d Perishability e Variability 4 Characteristics of a service that consumers find hard to evaluate even after purchase and consumption are called a Search qualities b Experience qualities c Credence qualities d Intangibility qualities e Variable qualities5 Since service operations inputs and outputs tend to vary more widely than those in manufacturing industry which of the following variables can affect consumer satisfaction a Staff b Automatic tasks c Attitudes d Speed and quality of performance e All of the above6 Which of the following best presents a service directed at physical possession a Fitness centre b Landscaping and lawnmowing c Education d Legal services e Beauty Salon
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