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Management and Human Resources

Mezzi Midja Consulting Practice SetChart of Accounts and Opening Balances as at 1 SeptemberAccount NoAccount NameBalanceDRCR101Cash at Bank8310110Accounts Receivable36518115Prepaid Insurance 118Office Supplies Inventory 1520130Office Equipment29080131Accumulated DepreciationOffice Equipment14040135Computer Equipment24460136Accumulated DepreciationComputer Equipment15288200GST Clearing 12450201Accounts Payable9700202Unearned Revenue203Wages Payable1400205PAYG Tax Payable5180209Loan PayableCurrent Liability5687250Loan PayableNon Current Liability21864301Capital14279302Drawings307Income Summary401Fees Revenue403Rent Revenue405Interest Revenue505Depreciation ExpenseComputer Equipment506Depreciation ExpenseOffice Equipment520Insurance Expense525Interest Expense540Office Cleaning Expense542Office Supplies Expense560Rent Expense570Staff Training Expense575Superannuation Expense580Telephone and Internet Expense585Wages Expense9988899888Accounts Receivable Ledger as at 1 SeptemberPink Expos Ltd23120Yum Yum Chum Restaurant 7448Techno Communications595036518Accounts Payable Ledger as at 1 SeptemberAdvantage Accountants3850Cuisine Catering230 Hindsite Computers4520Mediae Raw Talent Training11009700Signed DeclarationI declare that this practice set is my own workI understand that to copy another students work is considered plagiarism and academic dishonesty penalties applySignedDateChart of AccountsPage 1 of 15Mezzi Midja Consulting Practice SetMezzi Midja Consulting Practice SetABCDEFGHI12FEES REVENUEJOURNALPage 183DebitCreditCreditAccounts Receivable GST Clearing Fees Revenue4DateAccount Invoice NoPost Ref510Sep12Yum Yum Chum RestaurantAB3227722522520611Sep12Pink Expos LtdAB3330802802800726Sep12Pink Expos LtdAB3412650115011500828Sep12Techno CommunicationsAB3538503503500910112235220322032012Posting References for Totals11020040113Proof 014151617CASH RECEIPTS JOURNALPage 1718DebitCreditCreditCreditCreditCash at Accounts Other Post RefBankFees RevenueReceivableAccountsGST Clearing19DateAccount220002000020002002Sep12Unearned Revenue2022104Sep12Fees Revenue127601160011602204Sep12Rent Revenue403110010001002317Sep12Fees Revenue957087008702422Sep12Pink Expos Ltd15200152002528Sep12Yum Yum Chum Restaurant600060002630Sep12Interest Revenue40512512527282966755203002120021125413030Posting References for Totals101401110x20031Proof 0Journals Page 2 of 15Mezzi Midja Consulting Practice Set
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