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Management and Human Resources
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Dr Mervyn J Morris

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Introduction to Management Who are you? Student as a customer: attending a university who provides resources to students who then use the resources Student as an employee: educator controls the learning process, students are passive participants in the process and they are managed nor educated Students as a coproducer: resources provided, then the student must learn and recognise they need to contribute to their own learning Definition of Management ‘Management is the attainment of organisational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organising, leading and controlling organisational resources’ (Samson and Daft, 2012: 10) 4 functions/techniques of management  Planning  Organising  Leading  Controlling Planning – select goals and ways to attain them. Definition – defining goals for future organisational performance and deciding on the tasks and use of resources needed to attain them Organising – Assign responsibility for task accomplishment: PERFORMANCE - “attain goals, products, services, efficiency, and effectiveness” Definition – assigning task, grouping task into departments and allocating resources to departm
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