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1 BSB119 – GLOBAL BUSINESS TUTORIAL 4: CULTURAL DIVERSTIY For my tutorial group, Week 6 – Political WILL BE THE NEXT TUTORIAL ASSIGNMENT TO BE COLLECTED MARKED OUT OF 20 – only worth 10% Tutor’s advice: There has been a question from this lecture/tutorial (i.e. about Culture) in every exam for the past few years. Please read the closing case “A tale of two countries”, in chapter 5 (pp.228 to 229) of your textbook and answer the questions below. 1. Which of Hofstede’s cultural values scores for India best explains the bureaucratic behaviour of the Register Of Companies ROC? Explain how this cultural value influences the behaviour of the bureaucrats in ROC.  Bureaucratic – long time to process the application  Hofstede’s – consider power distance o India scores high on power distance  Accept an equal distribution of power as legitimate  Normal to be told what to do by people above them in hierarchy (very hierarchical).  India has a series of castes and levels within society – extremely difficult to move between castes. (This is worth knowing as an International business person) Uzanto should accept their view about a new name without argument.  However, the company Uzanto is a Western company. Therefore, they have Western values. This results in low power distance scores o RESULT: appropriate to offer solutions to people in power and expect to be consulted – part of decision making process.  Long-Term Orientation (LTO) – time it took ROC to make a decision. o If you want further information about this – go to the Hofstede’s website for further details. It is not explained overly well with respect to this particular case study.  You may like to use this in assignment  Do not over use – culture is not overly relevant.  Indians view time as more elastic than Australians and other Western cultures. However the v
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