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1 BSB119 – GLOBAL BUSINESS TUTORIAL 8: ETHICAL AND LEGAL Due to the group assignment being due on Monday (9/5), we spent approximately 10 minutes out of the tutorial time covering these questions. 1. In many countries it is customary to give gifts to business partners. Is giving a gift the same as bribery? (3 marks) Bribery is a form of corruption which results where a gift or money is given which alters the behaviour of the receiver. In many countries, bribery is against the law. However, what constitutes a bribe can differ from culture to culture. In many countries, gift giving is seen as an important part of the relationship building process. For example, in many Asian countries not giving a gift is a serious faux pas. In contrasts, in some European countries giving a gift can be illegal under bribery laws. There are some suggested ways in which to distinguish a bribe from a gift: 1) Is the gift offered or demanded? While a gift may be expected by a business partner, to demand one would never be considered acceptable and the party asking for a gift is acting unethically and perhaps illegally. 2) Is the business conditional on the gift? Even if I am offering the gift, if said gift is offered provisionally with some sort of defined quid pro quo, then it is a bribe. 3) Is the gift out of proportion with the relationship? A $20 clock with a company logo on it is not the same as a weekend skiing in Vale in 5-star accommodations. The former is clearly a gift and the later is clearly a bribe. 4) Is the gift cash? I can't think of a business situation where cash as a gift would be considered anything but gauché.  Refer to lecture notes 6/7 with particular reference to the ‘notes’ section. View the Lazybones case study on Blackboard and answer these questions. 2. Identify 2 key ethical considerations confronting Tracey prior to the move to Bali. (4 marks)  Company using outworkers  Eg. They way in which Nike employees sweatshop  Loss of jobs in Australia  Limited opportunities within the clothing, textile and footwear industry in Australia  Loss of reputation and loss of customers due to the niche market  Loss of brand, credibility within the market  Familiar with Bali market  Cheaper resources, legitimate way of producing, not breaking any laws  This is business is then lost to Australia  Has happened in Australia eg
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