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Queensland University of Technology
Management and Human Resources
Dr Joanne Fuller

Lecture 1 Introduction to StatisticsIntroduction to ExcelA population consist of all the members of a group about which you want to draw a conclusionA sample is the portion of the population selected for analysisA parameter is a numerical measure that describes a characteristic of a populationA statistic is a numerical measure that describes a characteristics of a sample Population and Sample dataGreek letters are used for population data Roman letters are used for sample data x s n A sample is a selection of measurements subset from all measurements populationDescriptive statisticso Collect data survey Important sources survey study data distributed by organisation or a individualData sources classified as Primary sourcesSecondary sources o Present data tables and graphs Xino Characterise datasample meanInferential statistics o Drawing conclusions about a population of data based on the sample data o Estimation estimate the population mean weight parameter using the sample mean weight statistic o Hypothesis testing testing the claim of a population
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